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  • I’m having some difficulty with setting up a custom menu on my site.

    Currently all the pages link as they should. However there is another set up pages, parent and children, that I want to add but it’s not working.

    In the Menus admin screen, all of the pages that are currently added show as Page on the right side and if I click the dropdown arrow, the Original field has the page title.

    For the problem set of pages, when I add the first page and click Save it will show as Custom on the right side and the Original field is blank. The page will show up on the navbar menu but is not clickable, that is, the hyperlink isn’t active. I’m guessing that’s because the Original field is blank but I don’t know why that is or how to fix it.

    I’ve tried deleting the pages entirely and recreating them with the same result. The page hierarchy properties of parent and children are set up properly, so that’s not an issue.

    Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Some additional information.

    If I delete one of the other menu items and re-insert the problematic one, it works fine. If I then re-insert the deleted one, that one will show as Custom. If the two menu items are re-ordered, both with show as Custom and be inactive on the menu navbar.

    Is there a limit on the number of items that can be in a menu in WordPress? Do some themes limit the number of menu items. I’m using the Mantra theme and the creator doesn’t respond to inquiries.

    Through Google I found this, which may indicate it’s a problem with my server configuration. I’m an end user, not a computer tech so not really sure what the first response in that thread means or what I should be looking for or how to change it on my server.

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