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    Hi all,
    Have spent about a day and a half now trying to figure this out. Use iThemes Builder software for WordPress site. Their tech folks don’t know what else to tell me, and suggested I post here. Honestly don’t know if this happened before 3.8.1 or with the update/upgrade, but after I did it, the Editor under the Appearance menu, as well as the Editor under Plugins, is no longer available. Here is what I’ve done in an attempt to fix:

    1) Disabled all plugins
    2) Reset plugins folder via FTP
    3) Switched to a different “uncustomized” theme (mine had been working for about a year)
    4) Updated to newest Builder Version
    ***** None of these worked — so then I . . . *******

    5) Downloaded a fresh WordPress 3.8.1 zip file
    6) Unzipped on hard drive
    7) Deleted the core files, wp-admin, and wp-includes folders on server and replaced with new fresh ones
    8) Placed a default, plain .htaccess file in the web root directory

    I may have even done some more things but don’t remember now, but so far nothing has worked. I even checked with BlueHost to see if they were using caching anywhere in case I could have emptied it out. I’ve tried my site in both Firefox 28.0 and IE 8.0 (emptied cache). Quickly running out of ideas of what to try.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.


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  • in wp-config.php, try adding:


    Can you update andor add plugins andor themes via your /wp-admin/ WITHOUT entering a FTP password? If “no”, that’s your issue, wordpress (php) lost the ability to write to the server (you host’s configuration).

    Good morning David,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I actually just found a similar post from a while back and took at look at my wp-config.php file. Sure enough, it contained the following two lines of code at the top:

    1) define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);
    2) define( ‘BWPS_FILECHECK’, true );

    I commented both out and tried again and all was back to normal with both the Appearance Menu and Plugins Menu showing the “Editor” option. I believe both of the lines of code above were added with the “Better WP Security” plugin. I had used it at one time and then I think it changed names — thinks it’s now the iThemes plugin. Either way, I’m a little disappointed that their deactivation/delete cleanup efforts weren’t a little better. But, good thing is that the issue is resolved.

    Hope this helps some others. Thanks again for your time.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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