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  • What I get following the instructions about rolling back a theme is not what’s in the description. There is no rollback button, maybe cause it’s a multisite network. Too bad πŸ™

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  • Plugin Author Devin Walker


    What theme were you attempting to rollback? Was it Pro or Free found on

    It’s unfortunate that you chose to leave a 1 star review for the plugin without giving us a chance to troubleshoot. We are responsive to issues and it’s just unfair to leave such a negative review for a free plugin without first asking for support.

    So unfair! I’m going to leave another 5 star for you πŸ™‚

    It’s unfair? 1 year passed by … the website doesn’t even exist anymore .. I don’t even remember what theme it was! Well, as long as developers are responsive to issues after 1 year I guess it is fair πŸ˜€ haha sorry

    Hi @giorgiasipione,

    I am not the developer, I just wondered what the only 1 star review said and felt bad for the devs, who actually wrote back a year ago…

    Well, by now I don’t even try anymore to get help from developers cause in my experience they get back after monthes or even never. So I guess I was just tired to ask for help. But don’t worry, I don’t even leave reviews anymore, (! haha ) cause I’m just used to the thing that as well as most plugins are not updated, most of the updated ones are not working pretty good or not at all. At the and of the day either you are pretty good in programming and help yourself or you are spending your time trying to find css and html escamotages to fix things that are not working as they should. So, I am sorry, but my wp experience is not that good, so no wonder that after hours and days going crazy after this stuff I left some bad review in the way. I would prefer paying for stuff that just works and real support, instead of going crazy for free, but my boss has not my opinion of course. I am getting very good at css and html escamotages maybe I should be grateful for this, what can I say …

    @giorgiasipione It looks like you left a 1-star review 12 months ago. And then the developer (@dlocc) followed up with a response 12 months ago to which you did not reply.

    This is a good example of how not to leave a review in the WP forums. It doesnt help other users, and it’s not a fair to the plugin developer.

    I’ve been there before where a plugin doesnt work. It’s frustrating. But if the developer tried to get back to you right away, and YOU didnt respond, they don’t deserve a 1-star.

    Dear @stegosource, unfortunately I cannot find out about the dates but I really doubt the developer got back right away … to tell you the truth I don’t even remember him getting back, maybe it’s because a year passed by or maybe it’s because he got back after some time when I was already going crazy after something completely different?

    In my experience I would be very careful in blaming someone like me in this situation.
    I never got so much attention as now in wp! Lol.

    So yeah, a one star review is a bad thing but my frustration is a bad thing too. I guess mine is just a normal reaction of someone beliving in the beauty of wp. I promise I will learn some programming asap, to hopefully solve my stuff by myself. And now please leave me alone, I’m too tired and too busy to argue about this.

    @giorgiasipione The dates for forum responses are right below your username. For example, I can see that your last response was 50 minutes ago, mine was 10 hours, 46 minutes ago, benbodhi’s was 1 day, 13 hours ago, and dlocc’s was 12 months ago.

    Im not trying to place blame on anyone here. Im just think that the best approach for reviewing a plugin is to give the author a chance. I know that Devin Walker has made several excellent plugins and the support from the WordImpress team is fantastic.

    Also, it may be that you did not see a response because by default, the WordPress support forums do not send you an email. You have to check the box below your message that says “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”. It may have been unchecked before, or got lost in the spam folder.

    In any case, I think this is an excellent plugin so Ill leave a 5-star. Nice work @dlocc

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Thanks @stegosource for defending the plugin and your attempts to help @giorgiasipione with understanding how we make prompt support a priority. There’s no blame going around here. However, it’s a shame that this unjust review sticks out like a sore thumb on our otherwise excellently reviewed and rated plugin.

    Are there any plans to support newer versions of WordPress. I’m currently running 4.7.4.


    I apologize for posting this here. I tried to delete it once I realized what I had done, but couldn’t find an option.

    Just created a new post for this instead.

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    @giorgiasipione – WP Rollback now supports multisite theme and plugin rollbacks now.

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