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  • Mike Turner


    As a free plugin this is great, it does so much – well done!

    As a ‘purchase’ this is where you really get let down. I spent $150 on purchasing this plugin for multisite, with the added bonus of ‘Priority Support’ – awesome I thought…well that’s until you try to use the support.

    They have their own ticketing system and I have raised 3 different tickets in the last 11 days and not a single one was replied to.

    As a test I went into the support forum and saw that support was being provided there, so why not to me as a ‘priority support’ customer?

    I even went in and logged a duplicate of my ticket in the WordPress forum, and I actually got a response…although the response was pretty much a ‘fob off’, I can’t be bothered to help, redirect to the FAQ – which was completely irrelevant of my issue and backed up by another person on the forum, to which they then ignored

    I then took to their Facebook page and added a post there, and got a response. Again pretty much dismissing my issue (even though others jumped in to say they were having the same problems).

    I have seriously considered calling my credit card company to ask them to reverse the payment, but unfortunately the plugin itself is doing a job (even if not fully).

    Issues that I tried discussing:

    1. The plugin is incompatible with the ‘Debug Bar’ plugin. Despite waiting for a response from their support, I managed to figure this out myself in the end.

    2. The plugin is incompatible with ThreeWP Broadcast plugin. If you try to broadcast a post to a child site of the post, strange things happen with your social posts (ThreeWP is a pretty important plugin for multisite). Right now I can’t broadcast child posts and if I do, I have to manually share everything out to Facebook (not what I paid for)

    3. If trying to use the ‘Attach Blogpost’ option to post to Facebook it stopped working completely with the latest release and returns an ‘An unexpected error’. Whilst they have an FAQ that says this is a Facebook issue as it’s not able to post the message and times out, the message does appear in Facebook. I’ve even tested it side by side with the previous version and it works fine, but upgrading it fails. Despite 100% of every other person I’ve asked to test this agreeing with me, the plugin author fails to acknowledge the fact.

    Ultimately, VERY bad support. If you want ‘Priority Support’ as a paying customer wanting to support the plugin, you have no chance. This plugin author has their priorities completely mixed up, it’s sad to say.

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  • We Agree. Initially the support was great, but it has gone drastically downhill to the point that we’ve had Support Tickets open for almost six (6) weeks with zero response/resolution/apologies for delay. Recommend strongly against installing or using this Plug-in until Support gets it’s act together.

    I’m having the same issue. =( I do my best to never contact support for any product unless I’ve exhausted all available documentation, help forums, and Googling my issues.

    When I do contact support I try to be as thorough as I possibly can in describing the issues, what I’m using, what steps I’ve taken, etc.

    So it’s extremely disappointing to genuinely need assistance and receive nothing in response. =(



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    angelalgibson and dennisjpitocco you both have WP Cron broken.

    Please read this: – this written specifically about your situation.

    We really, really, really, really don’t have an ability to debug and fix your WP Crons.

    As soon, as you set your WP Cron correctly it will start working fine.

    Thanks for your further information. We have visited your first recommended link above, but can’t seem to find the tab, etc. mentioned below:

    Please go to the “Help/Support” tab and click “Show Cron Test Results” to see how your WP Cron is doing.

    Where can the test results be found?

    Hi Dennis,

    Go to your SNAP Admin Panel. Then click on the fourth tab to the right Help/Support. Then you should see a link Show Cron Text Results second row to the right.

    My test link didn’t work, but yours might.

    ~ Angela

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