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  • Wow, where do I begin…

    I bought the premium ‘gold card’ edition of wp-ecommerce after the lite version worked ok. I didn’t like the ugly default ‘list’ layout of products in the lite version, so I upgraded to get the grid view. What drew me in, was the fact they brand this plugin as super user friendly, quick to set up, simple and beautiful layout etc… not to mention their slogan -“Everything you need to start selling today.”

    I activate it, and I get this:

    It looked an absolute mess, the text was vertical, everything was compacted together, definitely not the grid view that I expected… I tried for many hours trying to fix this with no luck. So as I now have the ‘premium 1 to 1 support’ I gave them an email explaining the situation, and I needed some help.

    1 day went by, then 2, then 3…At this point I had put messages out to every email I could find, I was desperate to get my store up and running.

    I eventually got a reply after 4 days, explaining their support team had be on holiday and they’d be in touch soon, which is fair enough…but I wish I knew this before hand.

    After over a week of sending emails, I finally had a response from the support team and I thought I was getting somewhere… the grid feature was almost fixed, which was sorted over the course of a week…but everything else seemed to go wrong, there were just so many issues, everything looked a mess when I clicked on a product and it was just not functional at all. I emailed again…at this point, I knew on average it took 3 days for someone to get back to me, so I patiently waited, but this time I got no reply at all.

    At this point, after more than two weeks of ‘premium support’ I was so appalled by the service, I reverted back to Woocommerce which I got up and running in one day. I couldn’t risk having my store down for yet another day, loosing out on potential sales.

    Understandably, I asked for a refund. Again, no reply to any of my emails, so I marked it as a dispute on Paypal, in which the response I got was:

    “Sorry to hear about your needing to move

    to another platform. Per our policy, our

    team was not granted sufficient time to

    help you with your request, and we are

    unable to grant a refund in this case.”

    Apparently nearly 3 weeks is not enough time to resolve things, even as a premium support customer.

    Sorry for the long rant, I am just so angry about the situation and want to warn everyone incase you consider buying the over priced $99 ‘premium’ support.

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