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  • I mistakenly submitted three extremely urgent requests (site lockouts) to none-premium support. Instead of taking two seconds to point me in the right direction with the correct link, they completely ignored all three.

    Completely disgraceful support.

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    Hi Bill

    Thanks for your thoughts about the plugin. I understand your frustration but I think it is only fair if I correct some things you have said. You said you made these requests on the non-premium forums here at yet the only requests I see from your user are from 6 years ago.

    I do see you reached out to us in the Premium tickets and were answered immediately. You sent in your initial request on Saturday the 21st and Scott (despite being outside our support hours listed in our Terms of Use) answered you that same day. You and Scott emailed back and forth about the issue (you had moved and the country blocking settings you set were now blocking you as well) and then, after Scott provided instructions on how to get back in, you mentioned that you would look again the next day (Sunday – also outside our support hours). You sent several emails over the next day responding that you couldn’t get back in to the site. On Monday the 23rd when we were back in the office we saw your emails. Phil responded since Scott was out that day. He provided instructions (as Scott had previously) for you to deactivate Wordfence and access the site again. Your last email states that you were again able to access the site by contacting your hosting provider and having them help. Phil then responded with instructions on how to properly set up Country Blocking since your redirect to DisneyPlus inadvertently redirected you too when you set it up previously.

    I might add that the only other case we have from you came in around midnight on March 16th and, despite also being outside of support hours, you had a response within 2 hours.

    Your emails were missed because you responded outside posted support hours. It’s a little unfair to characterize our support as “a disgrace, appalling, terrible” when you were actually supported and not “completely ignored” as you said. However, the review section is for your opinion of your experience with the Wordfence plugin and it’s support so despite what happened or didn’t happen, your experience is what counts. And we most certainly do not want anyone as dissatisfied with the service as you seem to be to have to continue with it. Please email us at billing [at] wordfence [dot] com if you want us to provide you with a prorated refund and we will do so asap. Make sure and include a link to this post in the email body and add ATTN Tim in the subject line.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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