[resolved] Apostrophe not showing correctly in theme search placeholder (3 posts)

  1. André Boekhorst
    Posted 2 years ago #

    In the input field where you can search new themes I'm seeing this as the placeholder:

    Geïnstalleerde thema's zoeken...

    - André

    ps. It's a dutch translation by the way.

  2. What should it be?

  3. Stephen Edgar
    Posted 2 years ago #

    It looks like there are quite a few instances where the apostrophe used in the Dutch translation is ', English uses ’ in most places.

    I think this may best be looked at by the Dutch translation team.

    - The string mentioned above is here

    - The search results of ' in the Dutch translation are here

    Maybe @DeFries or @rubenw can help here.

    See also: http://nl.wordpress.org/

    Edit: Argh... Escaping HTML entities... ', English uses ’

    The Dutch translations use & # 3 9 ; , and English use & # 8 2 1 7 ; in the translations for apostrophe's (Remove the 'whitespace' from the code blocks just mentioned here)

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