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Apostrophe in RSS feed is screwed up…

  • I don’t know how to post the code that is being replaced by the apostrophe without it being interpreted, but when I load my RSS feed from my blog (http://www.jongriffith.com/blog) everywhere that there is an apostrophe it is replaced by a funky 8000 number.

    What is causing this?

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  • jeremyisaaclee


    mine too… i’m using wordpress 2.0.5… it’s been like that since forever… for example

    i'm wondering if i should have spent more time with the band…

    ’ = ‘
    … = …

    i’m sure for many other punctuation marks the same will happen to me… rss readers like google reader display it this way…

    when i edit the post and view source in the rich editor… it is still fine…

    so what happens after i save the post? it is converted to this? how to disable it?

    will someone please help? thanks a lot 🙂



    This would fall under the “that’s intended behavior and you want it to happen” category. Unless you want RSS readers to hate you.




    oops it is supposed to be like this:

    i&.#.;m wondering if i should have spent more time with the band&.#.;

    minus the dots… do u get me? the feeds display the code, not the actual punctuation marks… it turned out the wrong way in the previous ‘complaint post’ cos it was interpreted by the commenting system…

    when i ‘view source’ my blog in the browser… i can see all this code… but when i view source of other frens’ blogs… like from blogger… the apostrophes in their html are just the way they are in the ‘normal page’… hence their feeds look normal too…

    pls do help… sorry 4 the trouble…



    Did you read my earlier post?

    It’s supposed to do that.

    I’m curious to hear why you feel it’s an issue?



    yeah i read it

    if u would be kind enough, u can try subscribing to my blog in google reader: http://blog.jeremyisaaclee.com/?feed=atom
    and then you can have a clearer picture

    what i mean is that all the $# symbols are not interpreted into punctuation marks… so my feed is full of &#XXXX symbols… that is the issue…



    Now click my name and try MY feed in Google Reader…

    Out of curiosity, go to Options -> Reading. What do you have for “Encoding for pages and feeds:”?

    I think it could be the older atom version.

    Try http://blog.jeremyisaaclee.com/?feed=rss2



    rss2 is working fine…
    i have utf-8… it’s the default…
    i’ll just stick to rss i guess…
    atom’s definitely a problem for me

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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