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  • If you have a category with an apostrophe in it like: Ruud’s Posts … then the HREF TITLE tag will read:
    TITLE = ‘Ruud’s Post’
    This causes the page to no longer validate as XHTML.

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  • Yeah that is what I tried as well but then in your title tag it doesn’t translate. So you have a tooltip *including* the entity code.

    Hope this helps someone, I know it’s invaluable to me…

    I don’t think we should send any HTML attribute with single quotes in the first place. I fixed the category-related functions in CVS, so that they send attributes with regular quotes, that should fix your problem (unless you also use regular quotes in your categories’ titles).

    Oh goodie. So the next time I get it, I will be able to change my entity back to the single tick (‘) right?


    flakkito: that w3 site is hilarious. Never saw that before and am curious why the W3 keep it up.

    whats hillarious in w3 pages?
    thats perfectly fine html coding…

    You don’t have to remember the codes…
    The WP encode tool

    Hmm… all things considered, the only invalid code I could find was using name instead of id to define page anchors.
    As far as knowing entities, I prefer to use the w3schools’ entity guide. It has a few newer entities as well as a better organiztion and explanation for each. And 2fargon: do you know how much fun it is knowing what ö is? (yes I will admit it, I just think that character looks cool…) 😛

    I have a bunch of them in my head too, it used to be useful once to remember them, and then I noticed once they get in the head they never leave 🙂

    I had the same problem with the tooltips. The Umlauts in my category description weren’t displayed correctly. So in the template_functions_category.php I replaced htmlspecialchars($category->category_description) with htmlentities($category->category_description, ENT_QUOTES) .
    Works fine now.
    Greetings, Anna

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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