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  • Hi!

    I understand that the ( ‘ ) “apostrophe” is use for programming syntax. However, when I type apostrophe on my blog post.

    Eg. don’t, can’t, it become like don””’t or can”’t.

    as a remedy, I use ( ` ) the one below the ( ~ ) on your keyboard. Is there a fix for this? So I can use apostrophe on my blog post without having problems.


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  • Looks like I got same problem but mine was getting slash marks in front of every quotations mark (“) and apostrophe mark (‘) on post. I’m using AWPCP plugin. Sometimes up to 3 slashes in front but I think this problem is fixed in 2.0.

    The answer might lies with magic quotes it needs to be Off or you can try to turn off smart quotes, by trying this plugin.

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