• Hi, I am new to WordPress but very keen to learn to run my own website. I need to install an API, but I have no idea how to do it. Can any suggest or point me in the direction of a simple installation .. assuming very minimal basic knowledge. Thank you. John

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  • Howdy @johncycle!

    Can you elaborate? There is no real answer for this as all APIs are different. Are you just trying to communicate with an API from your WordPress installation?

    Hi Craig!

    Really appreciate you getting back to me. Basically a company has given me ‘developer access’ to enable me to get whatever I need to install (I assume its a piece of coding) it onto a page on my website, which will give the same functionality as is seen on their website. It means that visitors to my website will be able to do certain things on my website (like setting up an account and donating to a good cause) which are currently on their website. My problem is that I don’t know what I should expect to see when as far as this ‘piece of coding’ is concerned, how I put it onto a page in my website and what mods I might be able to make (like changing images) to personalise it a bit. I hope that makes sense. Thanks again! John

    Gotcha. Sounds like they will be giving you some code to embed on your site. I don’t really see what the question is though. How much control you have over things like images within the embed will depend on how things are set up on their end. I would check and see if they have any documentation you could take a look at.

    We can certainly help with WordPress related questions here (like where to add the embed code to your site) but it’s tough to say just going on assumptions. For example, if you wanted to create a PayPal donate button to link to your PayPal account and show in your sidebar. You would create the button in PayPal, which would generate some code to copy/paste into the sidebar on your site and PayPal does all the heavy-lifting behind the scenes. Does that make sense?

    Hi Craig,

    Yes that makes perfect sense, thanks.

    I think basically I just need to install the coding for the API because that will give all the functionality I need and am looking for. The rest is just content I will be adding to my site, which I am learning to do. This site is being set up to help people dedicate their cycle rides to good causes and the API will give them and sponsors the pages they need to set events up and donate, so that I won’t need to set up the required pages directly myself, if that makes sense.

    I think it would be helpful for me now to look at what this company provides me with in terms of API coding, so that I can then be more specific about what I have to work with. I can then get back to you and let you know.

    I am figuring out how to use the WordPress console, but if you could help me to install the API coding in the steps required, that would be really fantastic.

    I will get back as soon as I have more details and can be a bit more specific about what the company is giving me relating to the API.

    Thanks again Craig,

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