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  • Plugin Author fsheedy


    Could you please update the plugin to version 0.9.2, debug mode will be more verbose.

    Running 0.9.2. I updated before I posted here.

    Plugin Author fsheedy



    I don’t want to be annoying, but with version 0.9.2, Debug output should start with something like

    — Etsy Request URL —

    Your debug output start with:

    Etsy Shop Debug Mode

    . Wich suppose that your main etsy_shop.php seem to be version 0.9.1.

    Could you double check please?

    No annoyance at all. I am sure, however, that I’m running 0.9.2.


    Plugin Author fsheedy


    Ok, should have more debug info with version 0.9.3.
    I did some corrections/addition to debug mode.

    Please update!

    got it. lot’s more info for you over on the site now. Let me know what steps, if any, I can take.


    Plugin Author fsheedy


    Seem that shop section 7388789 not exist. Where you take this number?

    Available for your shop:
    12348438 (t-shirts)
    12497441 (stickers)
    12505006 (accessories)

    Oh, I was looking in the wrong place. It’s up and functional. Thanks for the help!


    I configured the Etsy Shop Plugin and I’m getting the “API response should be HTTP 200”

    Here’s a screen shot:

    1. Our Etsy Shop is: OldCornerBookstore
    2. We are using the plugin version 0.9.3
    3. Our tmp folder of the plugin is set to 755 permissions. Also tried 775 and that didn’t make a difference.
    4. Code in post: [etsy-include=OldCornerBookstore; 7908390]
    5. Ran Debug mode and got this:



    Plugin Author fsheedy



    Your code in post should be:


    Modification: no spaces before the section ID.


    Two issues:


    I made the change you recommended and it didn’t work.

    However, I just remembered that I changed my store name a while back. It used to be BostonRareBookworm and when I use the old store name, the plugin works!


    Here is a look at how the image connected through the plugin is showing in the blog:

    Note the image is kind of truncated/small. The two image at the top are the original images I wanted to use. Can I change the size of the image that is displayed by the plugin?

    Thanks for your time and help! Have a great weekend!


    I’ve followed the advices on this post, however I keep experiencing the same output.
    It is visible here

    My text in the post is [etsy-include=Casihistorias;7285334]
    Here’s my etsy

    Is there something I’m missing? What could the problem be?

    Thanks for the help!

    Plugin Author fsheedy


    casihist, seem to work now live on your web site?!

    drschill, image show is truncated by Etsy, the original is not used by this plugin at this time.

    Hi its me again sorry 🙁

    After you help me before with the invalid argument report, I try to change the id section, just after try this, i get the:

    API reponse should be HTTP 200

    then I run Debug mode and get this log, I think here is the mistake:

    — Etsy Request URL —

    my section have 12655421 id number and we can see that here is calling to 117897648 id number right?
    first im not sure if this is the problem, and if it is, i dont know where to fix it, maybe in the temp file?

    Sorry if its not the right answer,just that i try to see if i can understand the deal here, hehehe…:P

    Anyway the error message is this

    WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [etsy-shop] => Array ( [0] => Etsy Shop: API reponse should be HTTP 200 ) ) [error_data] => Array ( ) )

    So if you can give me any hint to resolve this will be cool!

    Thank you again for the help!

    Plugin Author fsheedy


    1. Make sure that your etsy section id in the etsy-include of the page is 12655421
    2. This is not a tmp file problem in your case, as the request is done every time you refresh the page.

    PS: 117897648 is not a valid section id.


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