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    I’m trying to set up Akismet on my WordPress blog (server is DreamHost). It asks for my API KEY.
    But I can’t find my API KEY, anywhere!
    I checked My Account, as instructed, but it’s not listed there.
    I checked My Profile, but it’s not listed there either.
    I checked my sign-up email from WordPress, and it’s not there.

    I tried to log into – to see if there’s any info there — but the log-in screen wouldn’t recognize my username or password. I know I’m still registered, because I can access my blogsite, no problem.
    But when I tried to get a new password, the automatic Retrieve Password screen tells me it’s not recognizing my username.

    As WC Fields said: “I feel like somebody stepped on my brain with muddy feet…” or something to that effect.

    My head hurts, trying to figure this out:
    A): how do I get my API KEY?
    B): how do I get my username and password verified?
    C): how can I get a good Martini with two olives for under seven bucks?

    Help with all of the above would be appreciated…

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  • Visit this site and get your answers.


    I already tried that… didn’t work because I couldn’t sign in — see above about log-in screen not recognizing my username or password.

    You need to register a new blog with to be given the API key.

    WP.COM authenticates differently than WP.ORG sites..


    I’m confused–

    The WordPress blog I set up on my DreamHost server is a WP.ORG site?

    If I register a new blog, what happens to the old blog on my DreamHost server? Do I have to re-install everything with the new version, and start all over from scratch?

    No – just register at and get your api key – no need to ever go there again.
    The site you set up is from a zip or tar you got at – you own and maintain this site.
    You come here for support.
    Hope this is support, :>)

    Your blog at DH will remain untouched. You need a “piece of code” from
    Go there, register – you even have the option NOT to have a blog, just get the API key.
    When you get it > go to your own blog (which uses the WP script from here, AND apply the API key while activating the Akismet plugin.
    You are done. And you can forget the 🙂

    OK.. I’ll try it… If you don’t hear back from me in twenty minutes, send out a St. Bernard with a small keg of Jack Daniel’s hooked to his neck …


    Thanks for your help!!

    I also need a api key for wpmu as a administrator
    Where do you get a api for your own domain hosting other wpmu blogs for others?
    Jean Andre Vallery

    All you need to do is set up an account, as detailed above, and get an API key. It doesn’t matter where the blog is hosted, all you need is that important alphanumeric string and you can use it anywhere.

    Sign up often! Register API keys for your family, friends, and household pets! OK, maybe not. But registration=API key, totally independent of where it is hosted.

    I need an API key = I need to register an(other) free account at

    wordpress-mu-1.0 at the bottom of the dashboard of wpmu
    Is version 1.0 equal to 2.0 in the standalone wordpress?
    So will any api be available for this version of wordpress? Is there any security issues because their isn’t a api?
    Jean Andre Vallery

    Jean, your best bet is to ask your questions:
    a) at forum:
    b) at the MU forum:

    We cannot support here MU or

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