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  • in the FAQ, it states:

    To find your key go to your dashboard and then click on “Profile� (or “My Account�) and you should see a sentence that says “Your API key is:� followed by a string of 12 letters and numbers.

    BUT i can’t find it in my account or profile.

    pls advise !

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “Your “
    Do you have or have you made a blog there ?

    yeap.i have a wordpress blog.
    i have :
    * Dashboard
    * Write
    * Manage
    * Links
    * Presentation
    * Plugins
    * Users
    * Options
    * Import
    and My Account at the top right hand corner.
    but i can’t find my API key in either Options or My Account.

    in My Account, I have the following:


    Username: (no editing)

    First name:

    Last name:


    Display name publicly as:
    Contact Info

    E-mail: (required)



    Yahoo IM:

    Jabber / Google Talk:

    About yourself

    Share a little biographical information to fill out your profile. This may be shown publicly.

    Update Your Password

    If you would like to change your password type a new one twice below. Otherwise leave this blank.

    New Password:

    Type it one more time:

    Personal Options

    THAT”S IT !!!! NO API KEY !

    URGH! HELP !

    To repeat:


    You must register there. Once you have, your API key is at the top of your Users profile on your account. You can then use that with a regular old WordPress blog running the Akismet plugin.

    hello Kafkaesqui,
    I have got a wordpress blog.
    see my above reply.

    Yes, you have a WordPress blog, but you do not have a blog.

    Please read very closely.

    i do have a blog.
    ok, i confuse with another blog of mine which i also installed wordpress.
    so. its fixed.

    thanks !

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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