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  • Can’t retrieve the API Key. When I login to the wp api it shows no key ???

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  • You need to sign up for a free account at

    You don’t have to get a blog there, just a free account. Log in to the account, and your API key will be available there.

    When I log on to see my API key under my profile, I get a user not found error. What am I doing wrong.





    heyrockie, You sign up at,, NOT their forums, not these forums.


    Ok, here’s a little twist. I have two WordPress blogs. When I attempt to get the API Key for my latest blog, I get the key for the older blog. How do I solve this?


    use the same key – it will be alright

    I am new to wordpress just setting it up I tryed to activat Akismet plug in I clicked on activat plugin OK this took me to the buttonEnter you WordPress API key I clicked on that but the next screen said nothing aboutentering it so I am stuck. Now cannot acess the screen again only the screen to download Akismet How can i get the API key in.


    I have created a WordPress blog that is on my own host. If I create a WordPress account (which would create another blog) do I use that API Key or is there another process of getting a key that is specific to my personally hosted blog?




    read the links above. Its all outlined within those.

    Actually, no it doesn’t cover the information I requested. Granted, it says that you need to create a WordPress account but it does not say how a new blog account created at will have an API Key that will relate to a blog that is personally hosted.




    but it does not say how a new blog account created at

    why do you need to know the “how”?

    it works. the how isnt important.

    youre reading the wrong threads. you havent even gotten the account on and your reading posts from ppl that are having trouble. why?

    You get the key after you sign up. You activate askimet on your self hosted blog, and you put THAT key in the box where its asked for.


    the how is for them.

    My API isn’t accepted on my hosted WordPress account. It’s worked before but not now. What happened?

    Hi, I have a new blog at I’m trying to use the WordPress stats plugin and I need an API key. When I try to login at as instructed, it doesn’t work because my username is “admin”, and I can’t change my username.

    Is there another way to get my API key?


    This is confusing — I have a WordPress blog on my own site (, which has a username and password, and I have a support WordPress username and password.

    Am I understanding correctly that in order to get an API key (for Akismet), I need to sign up once again?

    Okay – I do like the thread, but to be sure, I have a self hosted WP blog and now just signed up for WP account and a WP forum account. The WP account has given me an API code and I can use that to activate certain plugins on my self hosted WP powered blog … does that make sense… I dont care how it works, just let me know if it will work?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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