• I was logged into my *new* blog earlier and I had an APi key – I’ve since been out and come back and relogged in and I can’t find this api key and now I need it to activate the Askimet pluign – how do I find it out now.

    I know, I know, I should’ve written it down.

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  • You can always get your API key by registering to wordpress.com for free. I’m not sure what your problem is. Do you loose your API key or you can’t find the akismet plugin configuration menu?

    Moderator James Huff



    Sorry I think I confused myself and you guys! I originally signed up for a wordpress account and had the api but then I found out that I could host it myself and have more options. I’ve managed to get it all working but when I tried to activate the Askismet plugin thats already installed it asked me for the API.

    Can I use the API from when I registered on the blog on my site?

    Next question – where do I put the API key? When I follow the link the info bar tells me I get this -> http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5677/screenshot3jd.jpg

    Yes, you can totally use the API key provided with your wordpress.com account.

    Great, thanks

    where do i put it?

    *lol* it tells me it needs it but doesn’t tell me where to insert it

    Does the API KEY don’t work on certain servers? I can’t get mine to activate. it always say that the key is invalid. Someone has the same problem recently but after changing servers, his is working. so any idea? I’ve contacted the developers of it too, but they hadn’t got back to me yet =(


    Why is my WordPress 2 hosted by my self not generating an API Key?
    Is it just possible to generate one by signing up for a wordpress.com account?

    thanx for your help!

    As far as I understand, the only way to get a free API key is to sign up for a wordpress.com account – even if you don’t use the account.

    Hi out there, same thing here as with “truth”, can’t activate my API KEY on my blog. KEY is invalid, how come?!

    So just to confirm–if your blog is not hosted on wordpress.com, you still have to create a wordpress.com account in order to get your API key?


    Yes. And if at any point (due to inactivity etc.) your wp.com blog gets archived or suspended, akismet will cease to function.

    You don’t need akismet anyway, spam karma and bad behavior are at least as good if not better. And you don’t have to set up a blog you don’t want and maintain it to continue to use them.

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