• I opened a support ticket to address the API issues, and the developer deleted the question. he has had issues with this since last year when we tried to use his plugin before. he clearly dosen’t care and he has loads of people complaining. there are a lot of other free services out there like we went to NOWPayments today because he woulden’t help us….and I am a paid user of the this plug in and i got blatantly question deleted over the API issues still happening when i had issues today…. stay away

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    We can’t delete support tickets, only the WordPress mods can.

    Most API connectivity problems are caused due to the MyCryptoCheckout API server being unable to connect to your install. Common culprits of this are:

    • Cron jobs not properly running
    • Security plugins
    • Firewalls
    • Cloudflare

    There are currently over 5000+ sites actively using the plugin, its pretty rare for sites to encounter issues. Usually its one of the issues mentioned above and whitelisting the API IP can quickly solve the problem. If you would like additional help with your issue let us know what domain this was for.

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