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  • I have to create translations for existing products, and to save time I decided to use the API. The site default language is Dutch, and I try to make English translations for over 250 products. When I try to send a translation with

    $newData = [
              'description' => $description,
              'short_description' => $shortDescription,
              'translation_of' => $product->id,
              'lang' => 'en',
            $returnTranslationData = $webshop->createProduct($newData);

    it will return the error

    Error: Invalid language parameter: “en” [422]


    If I change it to ‘lang’ => ‘nl’, it will succeed. (but not linked to any existing product)

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  • Plugin Author sergey.r


    is English active language ( We throw this error when translation language not active)?

    Also can you please show what you have inside $webshop->createProduct ?


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    The debug info shows active_languages”:[“en”,”nl”], so they both seem active. We already have several pages with english translations, just not the products yet.

    Relevant code would be

    <?php namespace App\Libraries;
    use Automattic\WooCommerce\Client;
     * Class WebshopConnect
     * @package App\Libraries
    class WebshopConnect
        private $woocommerce;
        public function __construct(){
          $url = getenv('woocommerce.url');
          $key = getenv('woocommerce.consumer_key');
          $secret = getenv('woocommerce.consumer_secret');
          $this->woocommerce = new Client($url, $key, $secret);
        public function createProduct(array $productData){
          return $this->woocommerce->post('products', $productData);

    Apparently one of my colleagues put the English language on hidden (I also didn’t know this was a thing), and this solved it.

    However, I expected it to be a translation for an existing product when I add the translation, but instead it gets added as an new “Dutch” product.
    The top one should be a translation of the bottom one, if I understood the documentation here:

    Plugin Author sergey.r


    You need to put original product id into 'translation_of' ( in you case ‘Hipertherm…’ product id ) and 'lang' to the second language ( in you case ‘en’ )

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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