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  • I am trying to incorporate an API into my wife’s wordpress site to integrate with an shipping insurance company. The API is to record shipments with that company. I have the API docs, but I’m too new to really understand what I need to have going and how to get it into the right format to be used by wordpress.

    I have example post URL:

    Sample post that looks like this:
    PostData = “extPersonSourceId=1”
    PostData = PostData & “&sourceUsername=username”
    PostData = PostData & “&sourcePassword=password”
    PostData = PostData & “&extPolicyId=123456”

    and a sample querystring that looks like this:
    ?extPersonSourceId=[ID]&sourceUsername=[USERNAME]&sourcePassword=[PASSWORD]&extPolicyId=[POLICYID]&personSourceIdentifier=&personEmail=[EMAIL]&recordSourceIdentifier=0&extShipmentTypeId=1&extCarrierId=1&carrierServiceName=USPS First Class International Package Service&trackingNumber=LZ224132673US&declaredValue=101.00&shipmentDate=08/11/2016&arrivalDate=&extCommodityCategoryId=&extCommodityTypeId=&extPackageTypeId=&packageCount=1&containsGlass=&packageDescription=test&consigneeFullName=Mrs Karen Tester&destinationAddress1=1234 LIBRARY TERRACE&referenceNumber=123456&destinationAddress2=&destinationCity=STANLEY&destinationState=&destinationPostalCode=DH9 8HR&destinationCountry=GB&departureAddress1=&departureAddress2=&departureCity=&departureState=&departurePostalCode=&departureCountry=&insuredCompany=&insuredFirstName=Marta&insuredLastName=Diaz Jones&insuredAddressStreet1=1412 Watson St&insuredAddressStreet2=&insuredAddressCity=Somerville&insuredAddressState=MA&insuredAddressPostalCode=02144&insuredAddressCountry=US&insuredPhone=&insuredFax=&insuredEmailAddress=&preDeductFlag=0&dsiRatePer100=1.00&coverFullValue=1&validatePackageDescription=0

    I will probably use a page template, but how do I format this stuff?


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  • Hi,

    you have several options.
    If you have time you can invest some of it to learn.
    Otherwise you can hire somebody to do it for you on upwork or fiverr.

    I’d use this php function to prepare the fields so it encodes them properly in the URL.

    To visualize the data you’ll need to get response and to possibly loop through it as if it was an array.

    Moderator t-p


    @lordspace suggested above Otherwise you can hire somebody to do it for you on upwork or fiverr.

    If you want to follow that option and hire someone for this, then please try
    (FYI, it’s not a good idea to respond to work offers from random forum users who have read about your issues.)

    Thank you to both of you. I would definitely prefer the learn as I go approach, but if I can’t figure it out I might have to pay either through upwork or the jobs.wordpress boards. Thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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