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    Pre-Download question…

    When we use the API to call to TMDB, are we able to store the data in our site database so we can reference for future posts, etc.?

    Can’t tell by the documentation if it is stored on our database or are we continuously calling to TMDB API?


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  • I’ve asked this question before too. Currently, the plugin doesn’t have a caching system, as the complexity gets pretty steep (for instance, when and how often would it then need to request from TMDB for updated info?).

    Plugin Author Kostas Stathakos


    This was supposed to be the next ‘feature’, I have already started a version of this a while now. It got sidetracked with the translation issues to fix. In any case, this needs to be done first and foremost to lighten the load of the very nice folks at TMDB who make this plugin possible in the first place.

    It has been in the books since the beginning. Originally I opted not to do so because of a paragraph in the terms of use of the TMDB API which stated something like “no contents shall be stored in one’s db other than for caching purposes”. So I pushed back, wanting to make sure that the way it was handled would be in line with the TMDB terms.

    The way this will work is that the payload will be cached in the db for a certain amount of time. There may or may not be a setting to allow a user to determine that amount of time. Then for the front end this will be applied automatically: When there is a request, the plugin will check if a cached version exists else it will call TMDB and then cache it. What I haven’t figured out completely is the wordpress backend behavior. To keep things simple, the admin will perhaps always get a ‘fresh’ view (that is then cached too). I thought of the admin being able to potentially compare the cached version to a fresh one and decide which to keep, but it seems a little more than I have time for right now.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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