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  • I have just upgraded 🙂 my blog to my new Aphrodite template. Hope you like it. Cross platform and legacy browser feedback is particularly welcome.

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  • yes I’ve seen that – and I want to know where Podz gets his LSD from 🙂

    PS: Just seen it in IE – it not only borks the entire site, it chews it up, covers in IE standards and spits it back out and says “Standards? What standards?”

    Root, I love the layout. Just wondering if you’re going to publish this layout (or at least a very generic version of it for those of us who want the 2/3 column split) for educational purposes.


    Root, very nice design. The StopDesign website has always been one of my favorite layout. It’ll be great if you can make it into a theme.

    Well if I could just get the thing to look half decent in more than browser I would be delighted.

    Just a point on the technicalities – podz tutorial is as always really fantstic and highly reccommended. However in order to do a hover the image has to be set in the h1 a. This is not a block level element of course so we use display block, but then in IE the fun really starts. We of course simaltaneously taking into account that images have borders by default. So we set them to zero. That then triggers IE box model borkage. And unless you are very strong willed in come a whole mess of butt ugly looking hacks. But we are getting there.




    Couldn’t you simply set the border color for a img to the same as the background? Would that prevent the box borkage? Or am I on LSD as well?


    I like the header!

    Sorry I have disturbed the community. Thanks to the awesome Hugo (sadly no url ?) the header now seems stable across platform. On now to futzing with floats, and fine tuning. Thanks for your interest and input. Gotta hustle now to keep up with Jinsan 🙂

    Viewing the site in Safari there’s a bit of a problem. There is no background image below the line with “All the latest” in the middle (don’t know if it’s supposed to be an image or CSS, either way). So you’ve got light grey text over a dark grey background, <i>very</i> difficult to read. It looks good in FF on Mac OS X.

    I was just thinking, why not put the latest post in the space when you have the discription of aphrodite?

    @hesed2. I havw been a bit preoccupied with the header. Onto this issue. Its no big deal. I am going to clear the floats. I thought I could get away with a fixed height in that zone but it isnt going to work. I am fitting in the dynamic stuff now – and that top right slot is certainly prime. What ever I do I want it simple and easy to adapt. Folks are going to fiddle I would think. Inevitable 🙂 Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I use firefox and it looks good to me. I love the colors.

    Well a lot of folks dont like them apparently. :). Choice is the thing. 🙂 Thanks.

    I too have been influenced by Douglas’ designs as I find his to be some of the cleanest, well layed out work that I have seen. I use to have stop design bookmarked and can see I will have to add it again. I really do like that new look. My first blog was one of his designs thru blogger

    Nice job Root!

    I’m in love with Aphrodite 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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