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  • I have just upgraded 🙂 my blog to my new Aphrodite template. Hope you like it. Cross platform and legacy browser feedback is particularly welcome.

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  • Very nice in FF but off the chart in IE. The header photo isn’t viewable and the columns don’t align.

    I really like the “Aprodite Fills Out” section at the top. It would be GREAT if that area could be used to hold “STICKY” posts.

    Well give us time to get the dynamic bits in. Lets look into IE.

    I really like it! Full of “stuff” but easy to read and navigate. Couple of CSS things: the orange font on the menu looks a bit out of place and the post page sidebar’s link-rollover extends beyond the sidebar (please forgive my utter lack of terminology correctness…heh).I’m using FF 1.0.2 so maybe that’s why.

    But again, great job!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You have mail 🙂

    Tweaking is in progress. Just demonstrating the bare bones of the 3/2 column switch .

    Aphrodite looks exactly like StopDesign to me.

    I like the template very much!

    I think inspired by stopdesign would be perfectly fair. Some of the layout is similar but the styling (design) is completely different. But who can not be inspired by truly great work. What is impressive to me about stopdesign – obviously it looks stunning – but the access to the content and the nav systems are amazing. What is even more amazing is that WP users can now do similar things without a lot of hacking. It is not as difficult as it looks. But thanks for all the good vibes. When the borkage (IE mainly) is fixed it will have the default styling done and then we should be launched.

    Nice, Root. I especially like the “uplighting” on the header graphic…. this mind you in FF 1.0.2 – didn’t bother with IE as I understand it’s borked.

    Idbehold, I believe that was the point….

    I have just fiddled a bit. Wonder whether the head graphic is rendering in IE ?

    I just checked with IE 6 on XP Pro…no header graphic. I see the blue fill from the left column, the white centre, and uh, mauve on the right side. However, there is still a live hyperlink and clicking on it takes you to the home page as you would expect.

    I also re-checked the site in FF1.02 after clearing the cache. One thing that I did notice was a brief flash of a white rectangle the exact size of the header graphic. It only does this on first load of the site.

    Not sure what can be done about that, if anything. That’s over my head. The template is coming along nicely, though!

    Thanks. No worries.

    That was it, Stop Design – hey I think it’s great that Root has been inspired by it, if I had the time and patience I would have tried something similar – but I lack time and patience, also skill (but let’s keep quiet about that, eh?).

    A few notes from FF 1.0.1

    * The header image appears blank, when the mouse goes over the header image appears. In both instances the text for the blogtitle seems apparent in the top left hand corner just in very small writing – you may want to check out Podz’s tut on how to make that disappear and still have the whole thing as a linkable header. Things work better if I click on another page, which then caches and then I go back to the main page where the header works normally again – but I can still see the blogtitle (x-ray eyes or something).

    * the dotted border seems out of place – and it eats a couple of pixels either from the left column, or adds to the right – it doesn’t look fully aligned if you see what I mean

    * the sidebar background is about a pixel or two taller than the header for Friends and Guru so there’s a slight blue haze-line at the top of the header.

    * Heads up is a little too far to the left – perhaps add some margin/padding so it’s more to the right and away from the edge

    * FF logo looks lost in space

    I’m not personally too keen on the colours – they seem to clash a bit, for me at least, with the background and the header image.

    I love how it’s coming together, and really looking forward to seeing the final version.


    Regarding the colours, I think that they are simply there for ease of design at the moment, and are not likely to be permanent. Also, I’m pretty sure that Root let Podz select the colours, which would explain why they are so dang screwy! Have you ever seen An Explosion in a Crayon Factory? 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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