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  • Plugin Author Pierre Lannoy


    Hello Laurent and Themecloud!

    Thanks you so much for your kind words. I’m very glad you like the suite… <3

    I will try to answer your questions as best I can:

    1 – For the statistics to work, you have to had an operational cron (whatever it is):
    – if it’s a public site with traffic (at least one visitor per 5 minutes), the standard wp cron will do the job even if it’s not really reliable;
    – if you are on low or erratic traffic site I suggest you to disable wp cron and use Cloud Scheduler with a frequency of 1 or 2 minutes (it’s what my company do with all google-hosted wp sites, regardless of the traffic). I speak about Cloud Scheduler because I know you’re on GCP, but in other env, a good crontab will do the job too;
    – if you’re on huge sites with lots of traffic (or a platform with lot of sites), I suggest you to get an eye on Cavalcade which is absolutely stunning.

    2 – For fragmentation, there’s no alert integrated in APCu Manager. But this plugin, as all PerfOps One plugins, have the ability to collate and publish metrics in DecaLog. So if it’s really important to be alerted:
    a – install DecaLog and set it for pushing metrics where you are used to do it (for GCP env, I suggest to tell DecaLog to publish it as a prometheus endpoint, then collect this endpoint with your regular tools, but it can be others);
    b – set APCu Manager to collate metrics (in settings screen) – collate === compute then push to DecaLog;
    c – now you have your wp metrics in your usual tools and you can set native alerts of these tools.

    2 bis – Cache fragmentation with APCu is really a pain in the ass, especially with W3TC (but not exclusively). It must comes from various reasons and, with no more information, it’s very hard to say. Sorry.
    Generally speaking, it may come from not enough reserved memory regarding the TTL of the cached objects…

    Hope it helps.

    Thread Starter Laurent Vergnaud


    Hello Pierre,
    Thank you for your prompt answer!
    1. My bad, I thought it was real time data and didn’t even try after a few minutes 😅
    2. Understood. I thought about Decalog but was wondering if there was a built-in system.
    2.bis It is, and it’s a problem for us on small sites on which we can’t reserve lots of memory :-/
    Have a great day,

    Plugin Author Pierre Lannoy


    Hello Laurent!
    Just to let you know APCu Manager will have a knew method to compute fragmentation that makes more sense with WordPress (for now, the limit between small and large blocks was set to 5Mb). Expect lower values…
    If all go well, this new version (3.0.0) will be released next week.
    Note this new version is a major version: it will embed a full object cache replacement for WordPress (based on APCu, of course).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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