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  • Resolved Jeremy Clarke


    This is probably simple to fix. They go something like this:

    NOTICE: wp-content/object-cache.php:111 - Undefined index: add

    which is caused by this line:

    @ ++$this->stats['add'];

    Because you start ++ing the ‘add’ index without initializing it. The @ even implies that you know this generates errors. Unfortunately WP_DEBUG does not abide the @ trick and still shows the notice in Debug Bar at the top of every screen.

    At the top of the object you define stats thus:

    var $stats = array();

    Why not add the stats indices there?

    var $stats = array('get' => 0, 'delete' => 0, 'add' => 0);

    The only difference I can see when doing it that way is that when the stats method is called (e.g. in the Object Cache section of debug bar) you see the 0 value for Delete rather than having it be missing if there are no deletes, which is more useful IMHO:

    Alternately, you could just add some isset($this->stats['add']) action to the three places where you use the stats property and initialize the keys there if they are missing.

    Thanks for considering this, WP_DEBUG is good for everybody.

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  • Plugin Author Mark Jaquith


    Fixed in trunk. Can you test out trunk? I’d like to release it soon.

    Jeremy Clarke


    Seems to work for me. Lots of other changes in there that I didn’t test out FWIW. I’m just using it on a single-install.

    Also, thanks for the quick reply!

    Jeremy Clarke


    Actually I take that back. I’m having serious issues with the new version. It causes get_the_terms() to return an object full of objects instead of an array full of objects, which causes functions like get_the_category to explode.

    2.0.2b is working for me.

    print_r( get_the_terms( 1, 'category' ) );


    Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [term_id] => 1 [name] => Uncategorized [slug] => uncategorized [term_group] => 0 [term_taxonomy_id] => 1 [taxonomy] => category [description] => [parent] => 0 [count] => 20 ) )

    Plugin Author Mark Jaquith


    Jeremy — how is 2.0.3 working for you?

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