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APC compatibility & some caching ideas

  • Hello,

    is there any chance to define APC as preferred caching method in Quick Cache? W3C Total Cache supports it, but W3C is – to me – too complicated. So I prefer Quick Cache at the moment. Is there a chance to activate APC caching? My server is already prepared for that.

    Second question: It would be great to be able to define different expiration times for every page or – as Quick Cache uses it – “keyword” in the url (if this keyword appears in the url, this site for example will not be cached and so on). It would be great to make differences… if ABCDE appears in the url a) don´t cache it or b) please cache it with the following expiration-time.

    This is good for sites which a) deliver full articles, which are not released every hour and b) those which deliver new short-news every hour or so. 🙂

    Another idea: Instead of just re-caching the post and frontpage, it would be cool to say: Yes, if the article is released or edited, please recache the article AND the following pages (or keywords in url).

    You get the idea? It would make Quick Cache much more comfortable and mighty – without getting too complicated like W3C.


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  • Hello,
    If you want to use APC, Use this plugin, http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/apc/ Don’t install it like a plugin though. Unzip the file and upload object_cache.php to your /wp_content/ directory.

    Currently, Out of testing a zillion configurations with Debian 6, Nginx, Php-Fpm and Percona DB, Quickcache with APC caching is currently the fastest combination.

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