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    Systematic Code Enforcement Program
    AAGLA Director, and property manager, announces the 200+ rental property and owners are no longer profitable due to the fees, penalties, and restrictions on pass-thru of costs. The Director was…

    Rent Escow Account Program
    Los Angeles now rent free for excess criminals. The city of Los Angeles is now the best place for an unemployed early release convict. Thank you to The Shriver Housing Project LA. They will…

    Fair Housing Coalition
    The City of Los Angeles requires property owners to pay $18,000 to every apartment for relocation. Tenants are incentified to subject the property to city program referred to as R.E.A.P.

    Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles
    Rental property owners are realizing the financial consequences of a Jury Trial request from ShriverHousingLA represented tenants. Tenants who are represented by ShriverHousingLA are receiving…

    Los Angeles Housing Dept
    It seems there are numerous groups of property owners mobilizing around Los Angeles because they feel the Los Angeles Housing Dept has adopted a culture which is anti-owner, anti-business. Apartment A…

    Please inform your membership & Los Angeles Investors

    Tenants are receiving free Jury Trial representation for failure to pay rent evictions in the city of Los Angeles.
    Their attorneys are provided by ShriverHousingLA, from state bill AB590
    The tenants request Discovery, and then do not reciprocate, driving up costs.
    The attorneys then also request compensation of cash in sums up to $7000 or threaten to force the landlord to trial, as informed by the directors of AAGLA.
    They also request waived rent or future months stay with rent waived.

    Again, the attorneys are provided free of charge.

    A lease condition to limit damages to deter a jury trial request has no value.

    Please feel free to write an article in your monthly magazine

    If there is an issue in your district you would like owners/investors to know about then please share. I will gladly post it.

    Please feel free to provide feedback as well.


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