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  • nginx doesn’t support .htaccess files, and WordPress makes extensive use of .htaccess files. Unless you know how to convert Apache configuration directives to nginx configuration directives, are comfortable editing system-level configuration files, and know how to restart system services, using nginx with WordPress is not for you.

    Use a host that supports Nginx out of the box. Most managed hosts use Nginx as their primary web server.

    Most managed hosts use Nginx as their primary web server.

    No managed shared or reseller host would, in their right mind, use nginx as a primary webserver. Among many other problems, individual users would not be able to configure WordPress permalinks. Most shared/reseller hosts use Litespeed, the rest use Apache.

    Most managed VPS/Dedicated hosts only offer support if cPanel is installed. cPanel isn’t compatible with nginx as a primary webserver unless a third-party hack is used, and such hacks usually invalidate the hosting support agreement.

    Who is the “most” to which you refer?

    Managed WordPress hosting providers.

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    Can we stay away from hosts replies and focus on the ask?

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    WordPress generally works with Apache2 without any issues and out of the box. Nginx too but you may need to do some work.

    To migrate from Apache2 to nginx make sure you do not have a dependency on any custom .htaccess. As mentioned above, nginx is a little more technical and works well when all requests can be sent to WordPress’s index.php file.

    If your host supports nginx then ask them about using PHP and all of the dependencies with nginx. They should know what that means.

    nginx does not have a built in PHP module that many host use with PHP so your host may need to know how to make that work with nginx.

    This from nginx’s web site gives you an idea of the technical work needed.

    Sure, thanks for the heads-up. That’s why I didn’t really name any hosts, but provided a generic reply. Thanks.

    I’m not sure how one separates this question from hosting, so I’ll counter another untruth, rephrase/summarize, and bow out.

    Most managed WordPress hosting plans use Litespeed as a primary webserver, including those from all three of the hosts on

    To the OP: if you have shared/reseller hosting, you can’t change your webserver, no matter what it currently is. If you have VPS/dedicated managed hosting and your hosting panel is cPanel, you probably can’t change your webserver to nginx without violating your support agreement. For anything else, the links provided will point you in the right direction. Other resources are and

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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