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    I am hosted on a Linux server (Red Hat 7.2 according to the Telnet login), and have php 5.2.6 installed courtesy of my host who has given me full access to it. He also created a mysql5 database for me in the process.

    Running the phpinfo script returns all of the information one would expect to see with entries for mysqli and mysqlnd however trying to runn install.php for the latest WP download still gives me the “appears to be missing the MySQL extension” error.

    I’m way past my comfort zone now and going blindly here. I’m not sure where the problem lies – I’ve read the countless threads about uncommenting the ‘extension=mysql.dll’ however my php.ini contains nothing of the sort – commented or otherwise, this despite the phpinfo output.

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  • When you say “all of the information one would expect to see with entries for mysqli and mysqlnd”, are you 100% sure this looks as one would expect?

    If you can, I would take this to the hoster and ask him to fix it. If this is a dedi-box and you’re not allocated support like that, I would try to uncomment the following lines: extension=php_mysql.dll and extension=php_mysqli.dll (making sure you restart Apache after doing so).

    In fairness no – I suppose I’m not 100% certain as I’ve not done this before. My host is doing what he can but the WP documentation isn’t particularly verbose (at least not what we’ve found). He noted something about WP using old native drivers instead of PHP’s new mysqli drivers – not sure where he’s at with that.

    I searched my php.ini file for “php_my” using Programmer’s Notepad and have come up empty – I do not have any reference in the file that includes “php_mysql”.

    What should I be seeing with respect to the phpinfo output?

    In phpinfo() you should see both a reference to “mysql” and “mysqli”. If you do not see these, follow along. If you do see these references, I’m unable to help you and you really should have no problems with it.

    In php.ini, look for the lines beginning with “extension=”. Look at the pattern followed by the included files and remember this. Mine all start with php_, yours’ might not.

    Now, find a reference to “mysql” in the same file. Hopefully, you will see a line saying extension=<pattern>mysql.dll and one saying extension=<pattern>mysqli.dll. If you do not see these lines (which you most likely won’t, as you’re having problems with them missing), go ahead and add them to the file. Restart Apache and run phpinfo() again to make sure the extensions are running.

    Thank you – will plod ahead and keep you abreast of things.

    Ended up creating a sub-domain on another server running the correct PHP and mysql and the installation went flawless. Now I have other issues but at least it’s installed and running.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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