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  • I installed WordPress for the first time last night and was initially thrilled with the ease and extensibility. However, when I went to change a few things – delete a few image files uploaded – I found I could not delete them, nor change their permissions. I was essentially locked out of about a dozen files and folders, and finally had to ask my hosting provider to go in and delete the set for me. He sent me this note in regards to the problem:


    This is caused by a PHP script (in this case your blog) writing files as user Apache – not as your user.

    I belive wp has a cleanup script for issues such as this – but you’d need to search their forums.


    So I’ve searched the forums, but have so far not found anything that maps to this. Can anyone give me 1) an understanding of why this happened; 2) how to avoid it; 3) a cleanup routine if it does happen? If it matters, I installed using Mac OSX and Transmit to send the files over. (Although I also had no luck changing permissions or deleting via my provider’s Web admin interface.)

    Thanks in advance for any help on this!

    best, Dan

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  • actually it has nothing to do with you but with the software itself…
    WP and others use the server as a user to create support files and other things… this files are chmoded 755 that means that only the creator can delete the files… there is a way to chmod the files using a php interfase…
    search for a file named cleanup.php upload it to your server and run it from your browser… it has a simple interfase and the only thing you have to do is put the path to the file you whant to chmod 777 and thats it…
    i woult recomend to delet the php cleanup script afterwards so that other people cannot acces it and chmod your stuff…

    and if you are thinking abbout preventing this to happen again…. i dont think it can be done…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have never had this happen with WordPress, and I have installed dozens of them all over the place.
    It certainly IS an issue with some Gallery software.

    WordPress does NOT create it’s own files, so apache can’t be owning them.

    WP does NOT have a ‘cleanup’ script. We don’t need one and your host is demonstrating a severe lack of knowledge. I would suggest that this is a hosting issue as it is certainly not a WP one.




    It’s not a default WordPress problem; but some plugins do cause this behaviour. The WordPress Plugin Manager plugin, for example, installs all one-click plugins under the ownership of the webserver user.

    So both the hosting provider and Podz are correct, depending on the specifics of the circumstances.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Cheers Skippy – I’ve never used WPPM so I didn’t know that 🙂

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