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    I noticed high cpu usage in 1 dedicated and 1 vps server both of them host more than 10 websites and (almost) all websites presented the high cpu usage issue with ao_speedup_cachebuster. I read the forums that it may have to do with memcache or something related.

    What I can say for now is that on both servers (both on WHM/cPanel CentosOS 6 latest) this appeared after yum update and server reboot. So far I have excluded the linux kernel. I have to check/debug all other stuff which got updated during the last yum update.

    Another thing I can say is that Super Cache can’t cache neither can preload the cache. If anybody has the same issues please share your feedback.

    I don’t think it’s an autoptimize issue it worked perfectly fine just before the yum update, however I’m posting this here to collect information from others that might experiencing the same issues.

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    thanks for dropping by @tdgu! let me tag @bofslime and @drazon as they were able to solve/ workaround the issue.

    Ok, let me know if the issue persist.


    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    well, @tdgu (wp hide’s dev) can’t reproduce the issue and is hoping for someone who is experiencing the issue to give some more information

    from Autoptimize’s side I can confirm that AO25, which was released earlier this week, has some logic that should prevent the “cache buster”-requests from being made more then once per 10 minutes, so that should at least help.

    I am still unable to find issue, Whenver I delete Autoptimize, server resources goes down.
    When I install it: CPU Usage, Physical Memory Usage, Number Of Processes, Entry Processes – All s hitting red with 90% …. I am unable to work … Please help guys. 🙁

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    As I wrote; the root issue (something calling the AO clear cache routine too frequently) cannot be fixed by me.

    Have you tried with the latest version of Autoptimize, that _should_ limit the impact significantly. If it does not help (but it really should) you can open up wp-content/plugins/autoptimize/classes/autoptimizeCache.php and comment out Line 381, so changing

    $cache = @wp_remote_get( $url );
    // $cache = @wp_remote_get( $url );


    @akiraanastasia deactivate wp hide, make sure there are no rewrites in the htaccess file caused by WP Hide (Sometimes the plugin on deactivation leaves rewrite rules on htaccess), then activate again WP hide, go the the plugin rewrites menu click on save (to recreate all rewrite rules), clear all caches, WP hide, Super Cache and AO and check your logs again for those requests.

    I’m having a lot of issues with WP Hide especially with WPML and cache plugins but most of them are fixed using the method I described.

    There is nothing wrong with Autoptimize and Frank is just trying to help. On the other side WP hide & security Enhancer is a plugin which should be used only if you are 100% certain that you know what you are doing as its features can destroy the functionality of a website.

    If the issue persists I would advise to grant temporary access to @tdgu on your website and investigate the issue closely assuming it is something he supports.

    I deleted WP hide and Edited .htacess.
    Now problem is, my media, featured images from dashboard are not appearing. File permissions are correct. What should i do?

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