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    Hi Frank,

    This question is in response to closed topic, which solved issue I was having with AO and Siteground’s staging environment. Firstly, just want to state I appreciate AO is great and issue lies with Siteground, not AO; however, here seems best place to continue topic:


    I defined staging site URL in staging site wp-config.php file and now all works smoothly.

    As a quick aside to help others also experiencing same issue and aren’t too clear what to do (I wasn’t and this info would have helped me) you need to add following code via FTP to wp-config.php:


    Make sure to change correct config file found in appropriate sub-folder of staging folder (not wp-config.php in public_html folder and not in .staging), e.g. staging/1/wp-config.php.

    However, was hoping someone (@ivanatanasov are you there?) might be able to tell me what to do when I push staging site to live. Will I first need to remove line defining site URL in wp.config.php? Or, do I do it after, or does it not matter as long as it is removed?

    Finally, to agree with original author (@erik-haagenstuff) from original post, surely Siteground, should be adding and removing this line of code to wp-config.php as staging sites are created and pushed to live, respectively – issue has been known for at least a year!.

    Can’t believe I’ve had to spend a day searching around to get Siteground’s ‘1-click’ staging to work because ‘as is’ it doesn’t work!

    Thanks in advance for your time and AO,

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    This may sound a tad silly, but could you tell me what the exact question is @richbraithwaite?

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    Hi, probably wrote too much – sorry.

    My question was about how to push staging site to live successfully. Should I remove define(‘WP_SITEURL’,’https://www.staging1.example.com’) from wp-config.php; before of after push, or doesn’t it matter?

    Rest of my waffle was just to xpand on previous post to help others who have same issue.

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    would love to help, but afraid I don’t have enough Siteground-knowledge @richbraithwaite. I would assume (but can’t say for sure) that wp-config.php is excluded from the staging-process. I’ll ask around!


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    Ok – many thanks.

    Hristo Pandjarov


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    Hristo from SiteGround here. Like Frank, I too have some issues to figure out your issue. Why would you need to add this line in first place?

    When a staging copy is created, we do not make any changes to your site database whatsoever but dynamically rewrite the URLs for each request. This means that if you have ANY problems whatsoever they should be on the staging environment itself and not after a push.

    This said, if you’re using the above mentioned line to make sure Autoptimize detects the temporary URL (stage5.domain.com for example), it should not be added to the live site.

    You can “simply” use the advanced push and ignore the wp-config.php file form being overwritten unless you’ve added something in it which is highly unlikely.

    To sum up – keep the line for AO’s sake but don’t push the wp-config.php file to live. That should be the best aproach in your case.

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    I need to add line as explained in topic linked in first post, as AO relies on site URL; if AO uses incorrect URL some plugins malfunction (due to fonts being subject to same-domain policy), e.g. foobox.

    Regardless, thanks for the solution, i.e. I’ll simply use advanced push and ignore wp-config.php. Problem solved!

    Many thanks for everyone’s support – much appreciated.

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