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    I have removed the header site title and tagline and do not desire to place an image in the spot for a header. What I want to do is remove the white space that is being reserved for the header. I have looked at the source code and do not see anything that is holding the space open unless its being done by CSS.
    Does anyone know how to remove the white space left by the removed header text. You can see my site at hxxp://
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, it is probably CSS, but more importantly, you should never modify the default WP theme – as your changes will be overwritten when WP is updated and it’s also crucial to have a clean copy of the default theme for troubleshooting purposes.

    So you need to create a child theme for any file-level modifications:

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    Have you tried displaying it none?

    thanks andrew, but I have searched the source and the css and am not knowledgable to detect if any part of the css is causing the space reserval even when nothing is there. I have gone thru one by one and deleted the div tags one by one between the top and the 1st blog post and I found one that closed the space about half way.. but never fully closed… if I had found a div that was holding the space, then I was going to take its id tag or class tag and search the css for the commander of that particular div… no luck…
    I have also used the firefox thingy that shows all the html and css at the same time.. I click on the space but the css does not show me anything that is relative to the problem.. So a command display None is not too effective if I cannot find where to place it and which div to command to NONE? LOL..

    thanks for that WPyogi but the real problem is I actually have the problem on the agent press child them running off of the genesis framework… That is where the solution needs to occur, but I have noticed that it is caused by the basic WP so if I could figure out how to remove it on the basic WP then it would be easy on the child to do the same… the child must override the basic WP and if I cannot do it at WP.. then I certainly cannot do it at child.. so once I decide on a resolution then I will transfer that fix to the child…

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    Do you have Google Chrome?

    Yes.. but I have tried running it down with FF Firebug and that showed me nothing that I could comprehend and I use Firebug a lot… Do you have another thought using Chrome?

    This should be an easy problem to fix.. as I am very knowledgable with both css and PHP and even looking at the source I don’t see it.. and as I said after each div I place a number like “Test 1”, then Test 2 and etc and this printed all 7 tests down the page and every test line followed the others with no space.. with exception of 1 and when I remvoed that Div it only killed about half of the reserved space as I mentioned above…
    Looked like this.
    Test 1
    Then on test 6 I think it showed about an inch between them.. and I removed that div and the inch went away…

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    Right click on the space and select ‘Inspect element’ [screenshot].

    A new toolbar appears. Hover your mouse over the HTML elements inside the header (on the toolbar). You can see how the <h1> element has height (highlighted in blue on the webpage) [screenshot]

    From that, you can also see the CSS you need to target.

    Try using this CSS:

    .site-header h1 {
     display: none;

    Thank you you are a genius.. I used FF and could see the same thing… confusing thing for me now is that none of that code showed up in FF when in the genesis nor did it show when in the agent press child… so I will go back there and seach again… so now i have to re-search in the child… and nothing like this showed up.. obviously if I had looked at the basic WP I would have seen it.. but I did not.. I just assumed it would not show in basic either…

    Thank you so much even though you solved the Basic WP problem I have to find out what does it in then child theme… I will look again.. if I cannot find it would you mind if I post the URL of the agent press site to see if you can find it… Thanks again.

    Thanks for all the help.. but just wanted to note here that I found the very best possible answer.. if anyone is trying to do this and has been following this thread..
    It seemed like this would work for removing the white space at the basic level and the genesis theme level, but as noted above its best not to tamper with the basic WP or the genesis theme due to possible changes in the future… So here is the solution in agent press and any of the other theme running on genesis…

    1. Load up simple hooks plugin that come for free with the genesis theme. Don’t get the other hooks.. it must be simple hooks…
    2. Scan down the long list of hooks and find one that says “Disconnect header” and bang the white space is gone and you can insert any sort of header you like with no restrictions.

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