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  • Sometimes when I make minor modifications to one of my posts, it will be republished in my RSS feed, and in turn it will be sent to all the email subscribers. Is there anyway to control the RSS feed behavior?


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  • How would you like the RSS to behave? I would guess, you want the RSS to contain your edits. But you don’t want it to re-send the email.

    Well, WordPress alone does not send an email when you update your posts. Are you using a plugin to send the email? Or you’re using FeedBurner’s subscribe by email feature?

    Your question, I think, is really more about how to modify whatever-plugin-you-use, so that it does not Email again after you Edit Post.

    After I edit an old post, I would like to have the choice whether I want to publish the modifications in the RSS feed or not…

    Oh. The problem there would be, your RSS post content = your WP blog post content.

    I don’t know of a way to make them different,if you still want the post to go into the RSS when you first Publish it.

    If necessary you CAN create a custom, static RSS feed, and you can put whatever you want in it, and WP will never change it at all. Including the fact that it won’t put your newly published posts in it. You’d have to copy-paste whatever you want into it then.

    I still suggest you should look into the idea of not sending Email when a post is merely Edited.

    Dgold, thanks for your replies. I use a mailing list service provider and the proprietary software they use cannot be customized. That’s why it’s more feasible to look into gaining control over the RSS feed of WordPress.

    I guess what I’ll do is turn off the emailer when I’m editing posts, and turn it back on when I’m done…


    You’re welcome. Something to think about. Yep, do the trick with turning off the emailer when you Edit.

    Another crazy idea, involve Categories, somehow. This might help if you want to Email the EDITED version, and avoid emailing the first time you Publish.

    Example: tell your Emailer to email the RSS Feed of a certain category (not the RSS feed of your whole site). Let’s say “My Email Category.” Every category has its own RSS.

    Now you can write your post…. Publish your post in some other categories… Continue editing your post…. When you’re finished editing and ready to Email it, go back to the post and Edit > and now add the Category, “My Email Category”. Then your emailer should pick it up and send it.

    I didn’t know each category has it’s own RSS! That’s good to know, thanks 🙂

    Basically any url from the blog is a feed if you add /feed/ at the end of it. If you do that for individual posts it becomes the rss feed for comments to that post. I use this for various proposes on my Science News blog.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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