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  • I’ve been trying to get these two plugins to work together for a while now but still unable to carry the custom taxonomy or post formats through to the tags blog.

    The SWT plugin now works with both custom taxonomies and post formats, now that I’ve added my filter to the mu-plugins folder, but only when I use the wordpress new post entry page to save the post. When using the WooTumblog dashboard (which uses an ajax routine for publishing) the taxonomy or post formats are lost.

    I have tried lowering the action hook priority in SWT as follows

    add_action('save_post', 'sitewide_tags_post', 20, 2);

    … and also elevated the the same action in WooTumblog, but still no change.

    Does anyone have any suggestions from having previously worked with the save_post hook? I’d really like to get this issue sorted today.


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  • Sorry DoctorDR.

    I do not have a solution but I am trying to get Sitewide tags to work with custom taxonomies and custom post types.

    Since it seem syou have solved part of the problem, can I see the code for how you implemented the filters? Mine has never worked.

    The solution as I discovered was to create the directory ‘mu-plugins’ within ‘wp-content’ and then place the following plugin in a file – which I called ‘swt-custom-taxonomy.php’

    The contents of the plugin are as follows;

    add_filter( 'sitewide_tags_custom_taxonomies', 'my_swt_custom_tax_filter' );
    function my_swt_custom_tax_filter( $taxonomies ) {
    	$taxonomies[] = 'post_format';
    	return array_unique( $taxonomies );

    This plugin adds the ‘post_format’ taxonomy to the list of accepted taxonomies using the ‘sitewide_tags_custom_taxonomies’ hook.

    The bit I was missing and which took weeks of frustrated searching, was to put the plugin within the ‘mu-plugins’ directory, this directory is called before the content of ‘wp-content/plugins’ and therefore means the hook is incorporated before the SWT plugin runs.

    I still haven’t been able to get wootumblog to work with SWT. However I have been able to succeed in populating the tags blog with taxonomy meta from a user blog provided I use the standard taxonomy radio buttons within the wordpress ‘new post’ screen.

    I’ve been prompting some of the core WP developers (Otto, etc) to take a closer look at wootumblog (and even tried speaking with WooThemes, who’ve been surprisingly unhelpful about getting their plugin to work in a multisite environment).

    It’s currently a lonely planet for anyone choosing to follow the custom taxonomy route, until such time as more people pick up the mantle.

    Anyway try out my suggestions above and let me know how it goes, I’ll be working on this myself over the next few days, so it would be good to hear how you get along.

    Hi DoctorDR. Seems I have been chasing you all over the web. Every where I look for this issue, you are there.

    So, I finally managed to get it to work with SWT using a bit of your method and trial and error.

    What I have now is, it does not matter WHERE you place the code for the filters ( I could be wrong) as long as you do it as one of Ron’s suggested ways; mu plugins, plugin network activated, plugin in child theme, functions.php on sub-blog theme.

    See this Post on WPMUTutorials

    I opted for the method to use it in the functions.php in the sub-blog theme.

    Now comes the nearly tearing hair out part. Populating the posts works but remember its a CPT. You need to add support in the main blog (or tags blog) for the Custom Post Type.

    I did that using the Custom Post UIplugin.

    Soon as the CPT was created, I click it and there is the post already sitting there waiting. It was sitting in the DB waiting for a way to show up in the Admin Interface.

    DoctorDR, does this give you any ideas to solve fro Post Formats. Is the Tumblog plugin installed on both sub-blog + main blog (or tags blog). Is Post Formats supported in sub-blog + main blog?

    with CPT I had to add support for CPT must smn similar happen for Post Formats?

    Sorry I’m sure you answered those ques already, tired, sleepy so forgive me.

    Oh No…. It was an almost solution…. Something weird is happening…

    The permalink is messed up. Custom fields didn’t come over yet…Tired. Will update tomorrow.

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