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  • Hi

    I am interested is anyone using wordpress as a CMS rather than just a blog, I am interested in its capabilities. Has anyone got any good examples?

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  • I have examples that I have done for clients, but I was subcontracting to the designer and cannot post them on a forum (don’t have permission).

    I *can* say that it works very well as a CMS. I have yet to have a client land a design on me that WP couldn’t accomplish – and none of them have had any issues.

    I speak spanish, and I am afraid I don’t get what CMS means (yeah, I already used google) what’s CMS???

    Is it a static page? I guess that’s what you are reffering it to… aren’t you?

    Well… if it’s that it can… in fact it’s the most simple use you can give to wordpress IMO

    I am still developing my site, but you can see what I’ve done with wordpress in the main page

    -The very first line is the updates
    -the second are the news to the members (jrock band fanpage)
    -the third is set to articles or interviews

    I hope this helps… Regards,


    CMS=content management system.

    I echo doodlebee. Almost none of my client installs are for blogs and are for CMS.

    thank you, and yes wordpress can be used for almost whatever. It depends on your coding, and that’s it. Good Luck!


    I need help changing wordpress to cms. I printed the directions called ” The process to move Word Press into its own directory. However, I still do not know how to do it. for ex: it says
    1. create a new location for the core WordPress files. where do I create the new location. I tried using fantastico and adding /wordpressfiles to my domain name. I am not sure if that was correct then I followed the next two steps somehow, I did not get it right.
    Please help!

    When you want to do special things… forget fantastico, get a real ftp client, learn how to use it, etc.

    Thanks. I know I must sound stupid, however where do I put this code.

    What is “this code”?


    Do you all use as stand-alone CMS or integrate it with other things (forums, sub-domains etc)?

    I like what WordPress can do but want a secure login system for clients to view selected pages associated with different users.

    I am thinking of using WordPress as front-end and then linking to another CMS say WebsiteBaker that just showcases select static pages depending on user rights I have assigned.

    Good idea?

    We recently spotlighted 10 non-blog sites running WP here. There are some nicely done sites out there.


    I recently creating a website using WordPress as a CMS. It does have a blog area but most of the site is created with pages rather than postings. Someone contacted me a couple of weeks ago about it as they were wanting to use it as a case study and were interested in what plugins I used. If they ever write it up, I’ll post it.


    i have two wordpress installs – one for the blog, one for the Content Management System, which is a pretty hot portfolio of my artworks, if you ask me….

    nathaniel stern



    We’ve written a plugin that might help accomplish this Check it out!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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