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  • Would like to install WP 2.0 and am wondering if my 3-column Relaxation Theme-based site will upgrade … or break?

    Anyone done this?


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  • It worked for one of my blogs. No issues.


    Worked fine for mine too.

    i used it on a test install, no problems.

    Regardless of version, there is a pesky problem with the sidebar column dropping to the bottom of the page with this theme under IE, which many people have reported and hasn’t been fixed, at least not in the comments to the theme’s download page. It’s a very good theme, but be prepared to see that column drop to the bottom not only if the pictures are of a certain size, but also depending on the html of the posts.

    I use this theme on my blog with no issues (WP 2.0, not 2.02). I also have the pesky IE sidebar problem, but do a search on IE problems in the forums. You will see that this is an IE problem, not a problem with this particular theme (as far as I know).

    Thanks, you guys. This weekend sees me attempt the upgrade.


    Hi Johnoz:

    Wish I could remember what I did, but I believe I solved that right column dropping in IE problem. In fact, I think I found the solution in the comments on Clement’s page–about 1/3 of the way through the comments.

    Am noticing right now that your Buddha’s Smile School right column is not rendering perfectly in IE. The first one or two letter of each subject heading are being clipped off in the extreme right column.

    Have you checked how many px wide you have that column set for? It HAS to be fixed at a certain very low number. My memory is not good on this, but I’m thinking it is somewhere around 123 px.

    Hope that helps,

    P.S. Spnk Me, yours looks good and clean.

    Did either of you run into anything you had to trick out in the upgrade to WP 2?

    Thanks for the comment. The only precaution I took was to set up a 1.5 version before hand and make it identical to my main blog and just use it as a test. I didn’t have to do anything except turning of the wysiwyg editor so I could use iimage browser.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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