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  • Hello,

    I am currently running WordPress 2.6

    Does 2.7 fix any security vulnerabilities?

    I am very hesitant to upgrade to 2.7 because of the multitude of “slowness” issues coupled with no apparent fix to this issue.

    Is anyone using Godaddy on Linux (shared hosting) and if so, have you upgraded to 2.7 from 2.6 and found that it is running slow?

    Thanks for posting your experiences…

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  • I’m not sure about any specific security fixes (although I’m sure there were, and that information is probably listed somewhere), but I have been experiencing the slowness issue.

    I’ve been quite reluctant to bring it up here, since one particularly pro-active moderator’s response to other similar posts has been something along the lines of “No, no, no, no. La-la-la, I can’t hear you! You haven’t paid for anything, so go away and cry into your spilled milk.”, which is both annoying and unhelpful.

    Just yesterday I did a clean install of 2.7 on a GoDaddy shared Linux account. No plugins, nothing but WordPress files on the site and in the database. At first it seemed fine, but the longer I seemed to logged in to the admin area, the slower it seemed to get. After about an hour both the site and the admin area became utterly unresponsive, either hanging, failing to load certain files, or 404ing completely.

    I logged off, then came back to it about an hour later and it seemed slightly better, and then after 15 minutes starting really dragging its heels again.

    I don’t know nearly enoough about the intricacies of the server versus the requirements of WordPress, and today it doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it was last night, but I’ve had three different PHP geniuses tell me over the past couple of months that WordPress can be incredibly wasteful on resources. I’ve not had much to complain about so far, but I am becoming increasingly worried about all the reports of slowness that I’m reading.

    My setup summary:
    GoDaddy Linux shared hosting
    PHP 4.3.11
    MySQL 5
    Wordpress 2.7, no plugins

    PHP 4.3.11
    php5.x.x would help immensely – do you have the option to use it?
    btw, 2.7 did not have any security fixes

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve just made the switch from PHP4.x to 5.x via the GoDaddy control panel, but I’ll have to wait for it to kick in to see if it makes any difference.

    By the way, if anyone else wants to do this, the instructions can be found here:

    i did the update to PHP5 and it’s still slooooow

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    GoDaddy shared hosting is very slow in general. I’ve found that using WP-Super-Cache helps a lot, as does this plugin:

    thanks – but that plugin still didn’t help

    Not to kick a dead horse here but i have been working on this same issue with godaddy and trying to figure out whats going on. Pretty much all that i have came up with is (Just as Otto42 said) Godaddy is shared hosting is slow. Buy the numbers it looks like a great value. But i have noticed steady performance decreases and also they have made a few move that have not made me happy. Like we moved you to a new server to make you life better, but when i ask what is better i am told they cant tell me. Ok sorry Godaddy rant over.

    Basically i am just going to change hosting. I am thinking bluehost.

    I use godaddy (Lixux shared) and two WordPress 2.7.1 sites running there with no problems and no slowdown.

    However, when I switched from 2.6 to 2.7 on my local Vista computer using EasyPHP, I had some problems which was eventually solved:

    Good luck. Hope that helps.

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support

    Hi clayd,

    If you’re still having trouble we want to help you out. If you can post your domain name we will be in touch via the email address on your Go Daddy account.

    GDHosting. I am glad to hear that you are in this forum willing to help. Please email as i would like to talk about the support that i have gotten recently.

    GD Hosting I spoke to someone last week at GD and they said there was nothing that could be done with my sites speed. It is actually better this week but not much. You can contact me through

    @ clayd

    Basically i am just going to change hosting. I am thinking bluehost.

    You might want to see this thread first.

    Go Daddy


    Go Daddy Support


    Just sent you an email asking for more details.

    Ya godaddy server is too slow and i am also facing the same problem. GDHosting you can contact me at

    I’m having the same problem as everyone in here. The speed is sooo slow, but strangely this slowness is not happening with windows shared hosting. So i tried to contacting them by emails but the respond isn’t really good. Instead of fixing the problem, They told me to make a phone call everytime i’m having the slowness.

    Does make a phone call will fix that problem? sorry godaddy i cannot contact you by phone call, because everytime i tried to make a phone call it always went busy, don know why but this is happening on me…

    GDSupport, if you need to call me here’s my site and thanks

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