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  • I am trying really REALLY hard to set up a replication of my database on a new server I added. I am almost dying with this, its killing me slowly! Sometimes it sucks being a website owner, anyways, I am trying to make a copy of my database. I have looked around and I have found sites like
    and and they are kind of easy, but at the same time confusing as I don’t know what to use to imput these codes/requests. So I stumbled across HyperDB ( ), which looks like its made for WordPress, BUT, the installation guide really sucks; it barely explains anything. So I was wondering if anyone here in this huge world wide web of users has a better guide, or can help explain this, I would really appreciate it, as you will be saving me from going insane.

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  • HyperDB doesn’t do the replication for you. It is merely there so that if you have replication setup already, you can put in the main server you have and if it fails, then it will connect to your replication server. Nothing more than that.

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