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  • I’ve been hearing a lot of “bad things” going on with WordPress v1.5.1 and people saying negative things. Goodness!

    On this forum, you’d think the whole program was a disaster because people are always talking about what is broken, wrong, or mixed up. Well, folks, that is what this forum is for. You got a problem, you come here. Few people who have a trouble-free install and performance take the time to stop in here and say WELL DONE – I’M IMPRESSED – WORDPRESS IS TROUBLE FREE! They come here to complain, whine, and moan, which is what we are here for.

    Hundreds, and soon thousands, of people are running a new install and upgrade of this new version without a hitch. You will not see their comments here. It would be nice, but that’s not what we are here for. You gotta problem, come see us. You don’t have a problem, wonderful!

    I know this is editorial and not very helpful, but I’m starting to see a lot of negative comments about the new version being “broke” and such. Stop it. The development team worked overtime to fix almost 200 different things, some bugs, some improvements. That’s a lot within a couple of months of the last release. They could have sat on their kudos for a few months and relaxed, but they didn’t. They poured their time and energy (and money) into getting this release out faster than most companies produce updates. Good on them.

    The volunteers behind this forum are working overtime this week to help all of you struggling to cope with the new release and your every day issues. We’re doing our best.

    Theme designers and plugin authors are also working overtime to see if their plugin will work consistently with the new version, so give them time to catch up, too.

    As you read through the comments, whines, and complaints, realize that this is not reflective of the whole WordPress community of users. Many are not having any trouble at all. But those who do, they come here.

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  • My upgrade worked just fine (as I’ve mentioned in the upgrade thread). I don’t use trackback/pingback, so maybe that’s not working, I don’t know, but all the things I need work fine.

    About the whining, mentioned by aminox, yes there’s a lot of that here. I understand that people come here when there’s problem but I don’t understand how some people actually uppgrades without making a complete backup as a fallback. There’s always a risk that an upgrade goes wrong so a compete backup is essential. It’s not rocket sience to make a backup. And it is recommended to keep a copy of the previous release as well, I’ve seen a lot of “Where do I get 1.5?” here.

    (But one thing that I think would be good if the WordPress team went for the “release often, release quick” instead of “release seldom, release slow”. There was this huge debate when som problems occured with 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 and it took quite a while before a fix was released. But that’s just my opinion, I’m sure there’s other good reason not to.)

    People are supposed to whine & complain on a support form. Look up the definition of support.

    Anyway – 1.51 is working beautifully for me! 🙂 I had no troubles, and that’s coming from a girl that is a little ditzy at times… especially when it comes to WordPress & PHP.

    My 1.5.0 to 1.5.1 worked exactly as advertised and I used the opportunity to rework my theme and code modifications. Last time I modified the default theme. This time I renamed my default theme to my own name so it would not be replaced during the update. It all seemed so easy that I could do it with my mouse tied behind my back.

    It took me longer to backup my files and database (and my blog is very small) than to run this upgrade.
    All went perfectly well since I knew I had to disable the Entity2NCR plugin thanks to the nice upgrade thread in the forums.

    I have been having problems loging in with my admin can any one help me my e-mail is so send me a e-mail if you can help

    PS, if you can spell ditzy then you are over qualified to use PHP. I managed to teach PHP to a person who had problems answering the question “are you awake”. Apparently transitioning from “eh” to the next word was too much for one day.

    With a little training, that person managed to rebuild a static HTML site in to a dynamic PHP/MySQL site in a few days. I never did find out what came after “eh”.

    Installing WordPress and modifying a theme would have cut the training from three days to less than one day. I would have spent only one morning watching the lad attempt to understand the complex interaction between his hand, mouth, and coffee cup.

    One poster described problems installing WP and then revealed that his/her ISP uses ASP instead of Apache. Was there not a warning against that in the bible? I have used ASP very successfully but getting Web pages out of ASP still reminds me of the birth scene in the movie Alien.

    Working just fine for this WP user.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    peterx – love your post !!

    Everything OK here, except for that message appearing on top of my page when I’m choosing to view categories. As with 1.2 and 1.5 I have to disable the ‘for-each’ statement (line 129 in template-functions-category) to get rid of it.




    hmmm….. this thread and the other clearly show why I am no longer active here. In fact, I’m considering dumping WP again. I should not HAVE TO upgrade to 1.5.1. My 1.5 works just fine for me. OK, I understand that there’s a security fix. Fine, release THAT and only THAT.

    aminox – Thank you for showing me the light. If the attitude it take it or leave it, I’ll leave it. I’ve seen too many problems from people, who I KNOW are knowledgable with PHP and WP, and yet things still break. Can anyone say Pings/TrackBacks/RSS Feeds? All of which I use and my readers too. I refuse to give them up.

    So I’ve heard that “all I have to do” to get the RSS working again is to edit a post, and save it, then edit a comment and save it. What an assinine solution. I understand that it’s free, but that’s still no excuse for the crappy release that was supposed to be A) minor and B) a security fix. As someone who develops software for a living, I’m apalled that the fix wasn’t an option, and that to get the fix, I have to upgrade, giving me a a bunch of bugs I don’t want and some new functionality I don’t want either.

    And when asked for what was changed, the posting was not only vague, but then followed up by a “well here’s the change log” with nearly 200 items in it! And I’m expected to sort through all of that? Bull snot!

    peterx – eh.
    A lack of communication skill does not reflect “ditzy”-ness. My own communication skills leave something to desire and most of the time I respond “uh”. Maybe that’s what comes after “eh” I don’t know. Point is – you don’t know what this person is doing outside of the class, so don’t be throwing stones.

    Bottom line is that I am frustrated with the “minor” releases breaking fundamental funtionality of the software, things seemingly “slipped in” (or out) and no one mentioning that it is happening, and security fixes that come in the form of alleged upgrades rather than simple patches. I still have yet to find somewhere that tells me WTF the security bug was and what the fix is. And “upgrade to 1.5.1” shouldn’t be the answer.

    As Cartman would say “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

    Odds are, this will most likely be my last post here.





    woohooo, someone else that agrees with me about releasing the security fix independently — glad to see there are a few ppl here that dont march in lock step with one another.

    I also keep wondering when someone is going to write a post that explains how to <b>answer</b> a question correctly, rather than asking. But thats another thread, oh wait, that ones locked. hmph.

    I agree, answering should be held to the same standards (clarity, depth of detail, courtesy) as asking. Makes sense to me. 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    I also keep wondering when someone is going to write a post that explains how to <b>answer</b> a question correctly.

    Etiquette: Answering questions in the forums

    Shelley Powers has written a patch that can be applied if a full upgrade is impractical. That’s the beauty of open source; even if the developers don’t want to provide patches, there should always be other coders willing to plug the hole.

    It’s thanks to Shelley’s straightforward approach that I’m going ahead with the upgrade; she was one of the people asking the wordpress developers to be more upfront about what the problem was, so if she now says it’s serious enough to warrant immediate fixing I’m more inclined to take that seriously than a vague dev blog post saying ‘look! shiny new upgrade of wordpress! lots of new features! bugs squashed! new plugin hooks! grab it now! oh and by the way there’s a security fix.’

    On my way there to check it out. Thank you SO MUCH for posting. 🙂

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