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  • Lorelle


    I’ve been hearing a lot of “bad things” going on with WordPress v1.5.1 and people saying negative things. Goodness!

    On this forum, you’d think the whole program was a disaster because people are always talking about what is broken, wrong, or mixed up. Well, folks, that is what this forum is for. You got a problem, you come here. Few people who have a trouble-free install and performance take the time to stop in here and say WELL DONE – I’M IMPRESSED – WORDPRESS IS TROUBLE FREE! They come here to complain, whine, and moan, which is what we are here for.

    Hundreds, and soon thousands, of people are running a new install and upgrade of this new version without a hitch. You will not see their comments here. It would be nice, but that’s not what we are here for. You gotta problem, come see us. You don’t have a problem, wonderful!

    I know this is editorial and not very helpful, but I’m starting to see a lot of negative comments about the new version being “broke” and such. Stop it. The development team worked overtime to fix almost 200 different things, some bugs, some improvements. That’s a lot within a couple of months of the last release. They could have sat on their kudos for a few months and relaxed, but they didn’t. They poured their time and energy (and money) into getting this release out faster than most companies produce updates. Good on them.

    The volunteers behind this forum are working overtime this week to help all of you struggling to cope with the new release and your every day issues. We’re doing our best.

    Theme designers and plugin authors are also working overtime to see if their plugin will work consistently with the new version, so give them time to catch up, too.

    As you read through the comments, whines, and complaints, realize that this is not reflective of the whole WordPress community of users. Many are not having any trouble at all. But those who do, they come here.

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  • crowspeaker


    My install was perfect, quite a feat since it was late at night and I was pretty tired.

    Excellent. Haven’t really poked around in the admin page much, but love the new style of the plugin screen. Much nicer feedback.



    No problems with install either except for one which stops me logging out in IE6 (but seems OK in FF). I have started separate topic for answers (
    Thanks to all the dev team.



    Working great 🙂

    Thanks WP Team!



    No problem for upgrading was a breeze, and no broken plugins… 🙂



    both and are upgraded and feeling good!

    Had to apply the RSS fix, and we’re sweet…



    My upgrade to 1.5.1 went very well. I have one problem, and it may have preceeded the upgrade; my RSS feeds to FeedBurner do not work. I remember having trouble previously, and don’t know if I buggered something up. I’m working on it. Not that anyone actually subscribes to the feeds, mind you, I just like to know they are working.



    I forgot to say kudos to the team that got this version 1.5.1 out so easily! Thank you once again for such a great product. Any problems that I’ve experienced have been entirely of my own manufacture.



    I have just upgraded to 1.5.1. The only problems I had was remembering where I put my previous attempts at hacks, I put this down to old age. I also had to change some folder permissions on some plug-ins and finally create a new post which resolved the RSS problem from my blog to my homepage. Took less than an hour and I am now a happy camper!

    Many thanks to the team for making the process so smooth.

    Flawless upgrade here and it took about two minutes, too.

    Denis de Bernardy


    almost flawless upgrade here. i’ve yet to send (or receive) trackbacks and pingbacks. but then i don’t care much because I never send or receive any. =P



    Upgrades to 1.5.1 work, but clean installs do not.



    One upgrade went successful without any problems. I’ve also successfully deleted my language (.mo) files, but then I posted about it in the Upgrade thread 🙂 Three more upgrades to go!



    I’m incorrect. I just did a clean install with 1.5.1 and it worked. Weird. All the previous attempts didn’t work, so I’m stumped.



    I agree with the notion that people come here just to whine. If you have any respect for yourself, for the development team, and for third-parties who have enhanced WordPress in such a short span of time, then you would, at least, try to fix the problems by yourself first. If you had any idea the effort it takes to create a robust piece of software you’d be ashamed of coming here and complaining. As a fellow developer I have nothing but utmost respect for Matt et al. WordPress is amazingly reliable, robust, and stable piece of software. It has a few glitches, sure, so does most of software out there. Additionally if you cannot comprehend that you are paying ZILCH, ZERO, NADA, NON, then you probably should not be using this package. Go to Blogger or some other lesser service.

    I advocate for the solid, reliable software-making. And I truly think WordPress is very much so among the handful of <b>free</b> fully competent software-makers.

    I also understand that you might run into a few problems and do not have the technical expertise to bang the code here and there to make it work. But don’t come here lambasting this great web log package, or whine about every little nick you might find.




    Three upgrades, each flawless, awesome. NICE WORK EVERYONE.


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