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  • Dear Members,

    I stumbled across WP and just love it! I was wondering if WP has been used in unexpected ways, such as integration into a website, or integrated into a portal, or any other way for that matter?


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  • Yep, all those things and more. I even saw one installation selling hotdogs and beer at a hockey game in Pouce Coupe, BC. No foolin’! 🙂

    If you have any urls I could see some of these novel ways of using WP I would really appreciate taking a look!

    Many thanks

    hum, at my website i have some static xhtml pages, wordpress and a perl-cgi wiki (kwiki) running all integrated into the same design.

    it was a mission. kwiki was relatively easy to hack into my design, though it was a mission to install (mainly cos perl package manager couldn’t find some of the many prerequisites), i think i have to agree that it is the simplest, easiest wiki engine out there. i’ve also hacked the perl modules to force edits into lowercase. no idea how to hack the php comments to do this.

    i only got wordpress (and php and mysql) a couple of days ago, and have just finished integrating it. it’s looking fine, but the html isn’t yet perfect. wordpress has a similar theme system to kwiki, but you’ve got to be more careful, as all the php (a language i don’t know) is spread about, where as kwiki only needs a couple of lines of special [% wiki page content here %], which i inserted into my main design template.

    wordpress also has some text in the rendered html (like link title attributes), that i can’t find in the wordpress php anywhere. so i can’t put it into lowercase. that said i managed to remove the blogroll, the navigation and all that stuff.

    finally, i also hope to change my static pages into wordpress pages that can be commented on.

    all my site shares the same stylesheets (yes there are alt ones) across the site. it pretty much all validates as xhtml and renders usably in internet explorer. the site runs without javascript etc, but
    and it’s not fixed width, so it works in low res, and doesn’t waste space in high res (like this site).

    i’m running apache2 with php 5 and mysql 4 on my localhost (win32), so the website isn’t always on, but please check it out.

    (i’m in the uk, and have it on from maybe 4 pm to 11 pm gmt, and from 9 am to 11 pm at weekends i guess.)

    thank to the devs!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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