Anyone out there know what these errors are since 3.1 Upgrade? (31 posts)

  1. seahawknationblog
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Here is the simple fact of GoDaddy, they oversell all their boxes, i started with the grid beta program over 2 years ago when the idea started coming about about multiple servers serving up resources, it was great when only 1300 sites were on I.P adrress, then they keep adding: to date 3464 on this single Ip.

    If me & you are on the same one then i suggest you ask them to migrate you to another server, i'm having the exact same issues since 3.1 upgrade, Mod_php times out a lot at only 120 seconds and all kinds of database issues, i have to keep optimizing to keep it running, i am running several plugins but i have ruled out everyone i have now as to be the culprit.
    I was very shocked when Wp_Supercache dorked out time & time again, i had to go manually ftp and clear cache just to get into admin for a week straight, i finally said enough is enough and deleted it.
    Now im using Page_Mod_Speed with extended cache, It appears ok but not like it use to be?

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