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  • anyone need css to fix the navbar in fusion theme?
    it namely doesn’t show in ie explorer 6, which milions of surfers are still using. If anyone needs to get the fgixed css so it works please pm or mail me and ill send it or post it here

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  • Ehem, IE6 is history, throw it through the window and forget it. After you aer clean, take Firefox, or at least IE8. Tell those other millions people that the 666 hell’s browser has way more security holes than advantages and they’ll day from it ;]
    I can’t imagine than anyone would try to do something to help IE6 be better, even Microsoft forgot about it

    I’m curious of what IE 6 bug the post starter is talking about, since I fixed all possible IE rendering bugs on a default install of worpdress/ Fusion…

    hello sir..i m using Fusion theme for website adress is
    the problem i am facing is, dat it works smoothly and absolutely fine in firfox and other browsers.but when i open it in IE6 and scroll down all the matter get messed up and whole page appears blurred..please suggest me what can i do???

    Having the same problem – IE6 causing display problems on scrolls in fusion theme – and would appreciate advice. Thoroughly agree IE6 should be buried – client however wants it fixed. Any and all help appreciated.

    ok here it is rickconsidine;
    find the line of css in ie6.css that says
    position: static; /* wtf ? */
    remove the /* */ enclosures
    done if it doesnt work then mail me at sakyant (at) windowslive and ill send you all 3 css files i re-edited. I think the above is all you need but i also made some re-edits using z-index on stylesheet.css so not sure if those commands also affected the solution or not, as once i saw i had solved it,
    by the way Masterixas;
    many people still use IE6 – 13 percent of the world in fact.. that is a lot of people, so dont think its not wise to make your website visible in all browsers? i dont use ie6 for browsing silly boy, i use it to see what my pages look like so i wont be losing traffic
    2009 IE7 IE6 IE8 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
    August 15.1% 13.6% 10.6% 47.4% 7.0% 3.3% 2.1%

    The problem with IE, and in general IE6 and below is that it requires a lot of hacks. I’m guessing most people know what a hack is, but for the benefit of other who do not; a CSS hack is basically about exploiting one browser bug to solve another. Most of the problem is with the floating elements. I think it is now better in IE8, however, I’m not sure.

    Hope it helps,


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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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