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  • No need for double posting, please.

    sorry what happeened was i tried to post to plugins and somehow it ended up in install

    thanks for taking the time to tell me about the double post.. but i think you forget to tell me where i can find a wysiwg plugin.. as that was the question

    I’m not sure there ARE any “good” wysiwyg plugins for wp. Have you looked through the list of plugins on codex? That would be the logical place to start….

    Alternatively, if you really have to have the wysiwyg crutch, you could install Xstandard from – it wouldn’t be a plugin for wp as such, but it’s fairly simple to install and use, and does produce reasonably compliant code – unlike crap programs such as dw and fp.

    i need to install it on word not on my desktop and i went to your link called codex and the page was blank

    Well, check through the available plugins then…. do a search here, there’s tons of threads about the available crop, you can see the problems etc.

    if you dont use a plugin how do you link to images, add images, use bold, move things to middle opage or left or right or underline etc. etc… so many things i want to do.. wysiwyg is so much quicker

    *rolls eyes*

    Blogs are for thoughts. You don’t NEED all that silly crap. Who are you doing this for, who are you trying to impress?

    I don’t do graphics in my blogs. I’m on dialup – I don’t have time to wait for uploads, or for the damn graphics to load when I want to write a post (I use the quickpost plugin so I write from the main page).

    I would guess that I fall into the slot of “purist”. I post MY thoughts. What you choose to see is your problem not mine, therefore I don’t give a rat’s ass whether there’s a photo, or if something’s centered, bolded, italicized, etc.

    Use the quicktags. If there are some things you want that aren’t there, access the codex to find out how to add more – such as one for centering or whatever.

    [I’m an iconoclast, apparently. People who need all the bells and whistles and can’t figure it out just inputting code drive me up a wall.]

    vkaryl is on a tear tonight… LOL

    ppl use so-called “blogs” for different purposes

    vkaryl= instead of dissing everything- with your personal opinions-
    might it occur to you that he may be using either Safari or Explorer on a Mac-or someother odd browser where he can’t see the “Quick tags” to be able to do things like “Bold” or format-

    Some people use WordPress as a full fledged CMS-
    I am interested in this as well- I didn’t know there were any wysiwyg plug-ins- not that I HAVE to have them- but it’s an interesting idea-

    I just released a plugin that gives you the Xinha WYSIWYG editor in WordPress for posts and or comments. It allows you to customize Xinha to your liking from the WP Options Menus. So you can disable most of the features if you want Quicktag like functionality or enable most to get full features HTML authoring capability.

    It requires JavaScript, but overall I’ve had good luck with it in most browsers. Xinha can be buggy depending on the build you use, but I’ve been happy with the build we’re distributing (316) and will try to find nightlies every few months that are stable so people can stay current (new features, etc)

    since mine happens to be in should I wait, I saw that there is a bug, just not sure if a workaround has been found yet?

    I’ve written a patch but am waiting for the user who had this problem to test it out before releasing it. If you want I can send you the updated version to try. Just email me @

    I know it might not be the perfect answer, but wp-blogger is not a bad alternative. Granted, its a 3rd party interface, but i’ve had improved use of it. My problem is I’m no HTML pro, so wp-blogger helps that out with more robust features. It can help preformat tables structure, etc, which is timely by hand.

    Not the perfect solution, but it might help.

    im going to use this

    I found a good WYSIWYG editor is SPAW by Solmetra

    Perhaps in a week or so, the plugin for it.

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