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  • Hello,

    I was wondering if someone have tested the one-clickbackup plugin with 1.5. I seen around how to do the other back up going to mysql but sometimes it is easy for me to do one click when i am making changes instead of login into the myslq.


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  • Doesn’t work (yet). So phpmyadmin or something alike is the only way for now.

    Updated version of LaughingLizard’s One-Click Backup/Restore for WP 1.5 Beta.

    This works for me on 1.5 01.04.05 nightly. No guarantees though, so you should NOT install this in your production blog and you should NOT do anything if you don’t know what you are doing.

    I corrected the filename so the link should work now.

    I will try it out.


    It works for me on 1.5 01.05.05 nightly too in my local copy of my site, i’m planning to put it online in next days and let yu know about problems

    It’s good to hav it working, cause phpmyadmin access it’s a bit pain in the ass form em whjhen i’m not on my PC cause strange name/password i have to remeber and that are assigned when i create the DB and i can’t change

    Thanks ofr your work

    Good to hear it works on 01.05.05 too. Let me know if something goes awry.

    And now i can tell you it works fine under the 10th too i did test on local version and i’m now moving it to online site 🙂

    Glad to hear it!

    the original one worked fine for me on the 1.5 anyways. you just had to fix your menu array line. Thanks for the updated file though.

    And you had to remove the duplicate reference to add_magic_quotes in backupRestore.php as it is now included in wp-includes/functions.php.

    I’m getting a login/password query off of that link – anyone have a bteer link to this plugin?

    devguest/devguest will get you in!

    Thank you

    In my case (nightly jan. 20th) I get an error:

    Could not connect to MySQL server! Backup Successful.

    And only get these lines in the file:

    # WordPress MySQL database backup
    # Generated: Friday 21. January 2005 20:58 CET
    # Hostname:
    # Database:
    # --------------------------------------------------------

    Everything else works.

    I haven’t upgraded to the 20th yet – I am on the 19th. I will likely get after it tonight and will let you know if I have the same problem. I will try to find it and post a fix if it is indeed broken.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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