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  • Hi,

    my website is using a customised version of photoria theme:

    I dont know much about code and had some freelancers from edit the site to my needs.

    Now however because the site is so heavily edited I cant update wordpress to the latest version, my slickr flickr plugin has apparently been edited to, so I cant update that either.

    I would like a new theme that is similar to the current look of my site, but one that I can update. Does anyone know where I could find this or tell me what they would do in my shoes?


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  • Hello.
    I don’t know who you hired to work on your site, but they clearly didn’t do things the WP way.
    Your developer / designer should have created a child theme of the Photoria theme to allow you to update Photoria without losing all your changes.
    However, it is not too late to create one. What you would need to do is this:
    1. Download the exact same version of the original Photoria theme that your developer started from (without overwriting your current modded version);
    2. Create a child theme of the original Photoria by following the steps outlined in the Codex article.
    3. Compare all your files from your modded Photoria with those of the original one (you can use TortoiseSVN or Winmerge for that), and only copy the ones that have differences into your child theme folder.
    4. Two files will require special treatment: functions.php and style.css (main theme style sheet).For those two files, you will need to only keep the lines of code that are not already present in the original files and delete the lines that are.

    Now, these guidelines are very general so if you need more help LMK.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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