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  • I’ve noticed that everytime you use the upload feature of wordpress, to upload, images, pdf, doc or anything for that matter it is placed in the wp_post table. It’s not a regular post, but catergorized as an attachment. Which is also why attachments can be there own pages with their own comments.

    I havn’t seen a plugin out there that actually list all your uploads by posts. Conceiveablly this plugin could be used to make gallery, not that there arn’t enough gallery plugins floating around. But it could also be used to list other file types.

    So, would anyone be interested in a plugin that…
    List all your uploads by post (or whatever field), that could be used to inside a page or post. I think this might be helpful to someone who has uploaded lots of attachemtns.

    Now, this would be stretch…but i’m gonna think beyond the box here. It would be nice at the time of upload you could tag your attachments. Then a list of attachments based on tags could be generated. I know there is already a description portion, that is used to populate the “post_content” field of the post table. Which i don’t feel would be the same. The reason for using tags is if you forget what kind of files you uploaded, you can search for it topologically. This would be extremly helpful because the default “browse all” feature is not very easy to go through when you have 100 plus pages of uploads.

    So who is interested? Maybe I’ll write one.

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  • I’d rather have a better forum plugin : )

    Hi mantone,

    Actually I’ve been looking for pretty much exactly the plugin you describe, in order to have a gallery in my site. I find a lot of the existing gallery plugins cumbersome, and duplicating some existing functionality.

    I include the odd image with my posts, and being able to list them all on a separate page would be very cool.

    great idea – I’d love to see a plugin like you describe. It would be nice to turn off the “attachment” feature for certain files as well…


    +1 mantone

    I’m particularly interested in being able to tag uploads (fiiles as well as images), or at least assign them to categories (as you can with ordinary posts).

    Have you made any progress?

    +1 here as well mantone

    I am in need of exactly this type of function for a few web sites.

    do let us know if you do indeed publish. would be sweet.

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