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    Anyone have a fix on getting Yoast to not register shortcodes as content?

    This is what’s popping up per Yoast as the Meta Description, which clearly isn’t correct…

    [vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="yes" type="full-width" text_align="left" side_padding="0" padding-top="0" padding_bottom="0" css_anim

    I’m testing Yoast out right now before purchasing multiple site licenses for both Yoast SEO and Yoast Local, but it doesn’t look like it works correctly. I don’t want to invest $800 into a set of plugins if they don’t actually work.

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  • So it looks like something with the updates in the last 3 months. I reverted to v2.3.5 and the shortcode problem no longer exists…Though the counts are completely off (says their are 162 words, but their are only 75) and the descriptions it is pulling are only the last 45 characters of the content.

    Guess I’ll hold onto my money until they fix it. In the meantime, I’ll experiment with the different versions to see where I can get the best working one.

    Confirmed 100%. Shortcode issue cropped up with v3.0. Went all the way back to 2.3 and weird shortened description thing and incorrect word count still exists. I’ll take the shortened descriptions and incorrect word count over the shortcode registering, I guess.

    I use the plug in “Visual composer” to create my pages.
    I imagine that this plug in create shortcodes … infact the new yoast is not able to read nothing in the page (I’ve all red points!).

    I’m pretty sure google reads well shortcodes because my pages are correctly indexed.

    So the problem is only in new yoast.

    I hope that a fix come closer….

    Having the same issue here. Hopefully it won’t require a plugin modification on our end as any update would roll that back. There should be no reason to include anything between square brackets in the meta description.

    I have been having the same issue, my page contains about 500 words, but toast is reading it as about 2000+, which intern makes the other indicators display wrong readings including Focus keyword not in first paragraph (It is there after a bunch of shortcode), keyword density is low (when it is high, poss too high lol), copy score low (Because shortcake isn’t readable in flesh test), etc.

    I did notice the issue when I did the upgrade, but for obvious reasons didn’t really want to be using outdated software. Help us Joost! 🙂

    hi everyone,

    Any news on this point ?

    Same issue here. Using AVADA Theme with their editor which causes shortcodes. Yoast seems to count them. You can see the difference when adding a page with the same content bit without the shortcodes. Everythings is green there – but with shortcodes, its all red. f.ex. doesnt the first sentence contain the keyword because the first sentence are shortcodes from the view of yoast …


    Same issue here. I am trying to ignore the incorrect reading. I have been removing the shortcode until the content is completed so i can see an unaffected score before adding it back into the content. Of course, i am hopeful google recognizes what’s going on and doesn’t penalize the page. One would think that google at least can recognise the shortcode even if Yoast cannot. A fix would be good though.

    I don’t think Yoast has any intention of fixing the issue being it’s been over a year. We’ve switched to SEO Framework (

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