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    Hi guys,

    I’m running WordPress 3.5.1 with the eStore Elegant Themes over at

    I was using the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart for Checkout all these while. This morning, v3.5 of this plugin came out and without thinking, I was too trigger happy and clicked Update.

    Now my Add to Cart button is ‘broken’ – ie. the plugin’s Add to Cart button is not flushing well with the Add to Cart image of the theme.

    I tried searching online for the previous version to rollback but to no avail.

    I would really appreciate it if any of you is still on the version before 3.5 to send me a copy. Thanks mate!

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  • I’m having the same issue; plus, there are new ‘Add to Cart’ buttons on pages that shouldn’t have them. Has anyone experienced these problems? Has anyone found a solution?

    BTW, I’m also using Elegant Theme’s eStore.

    Same here. The Add to Cart buttons are also popping up on all of my pages now. I think the only way is to do a roll back.

    Anyone out there has got a copy of v3.4? Thanks.


    Okay, I’ve found a total of four problems and can’t ascertain if it’s the theme (eStore) or the plugin(Simple PayPal Shopping Cart). These issues have all started to occur after upgrading the theme and the plugin to their latest versions.

    the four issues are:
    – Green ‘Add to Cart’ button that’s associated with each product page doesn’t work at all when clicked.

    – generic ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are published unexpectedly on product posts and other non-product pages.

    – the Shopping Cart Page I published to summarize what’s in a customer’s cart (using the plugin’s short code) doesn’t work and has an unexpected ‘Add to Cart’ button on it (charging 19.00 for an ‘add to cart’ item – yes it’s bizarre).

    – the Shopping Cart in the sidebar/widget area doesn’t maintain an accurate inventory of products as they’re added and removed, when browsing from page to page.

    I tried different plugin versions. I removed v3.5 of the plugin; then installed v3.2 of the plugin (I found in my PC’s archive folder) and continued to have problems; then I upgraded back to v3.5 and still had problems. This leads me to believe there may be an issue with the latest theme version I installed.

    Has anyone recently upgraded their eStore theme as well? Is anyone experiencing the four problems I’ve identified?

    – Pete.


    I submitted a support ticket with Elegant Themes as well. You can follow my ticket. It’s titled, “Shopping Cart not working properly after Theme upgrade” in the eStore theme support area.

    – Pete.

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for your input.

    The 4 issues that you mentioned, I have the first 3.

    1. Green Add to Cart image not working (but that’s because the generic Add to Cart button has already moved down to the lower left – I think it’s CSS related)

    2. Generic Add to Cart button now appears ‘misaligned’ on all products (posts), and in all pages for WordPress

    3. In a way, the Shopping Cart page using the short code ([show_wp_shopping_cart]) is still working for me. However, the dreaded generic Add to Cart button is also there (and yes, it charges $19 when you click on it!)

    I’m still on v3.4 of the eStore theme (not v3.9). And this problem only came about when I update the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart to v3.5 two days ago. So I would have to say – at least in my case – it’s the plugin upgrade that breaks the compatibility between the 2.


    WordPress 3.5.1
    eStore Theme 3.4
    Simple PayPal Shopping Cart 3.4

    WordPress 3.5.1
    eStore Theme 3.4
    Simple PayPal Shopping Cart 3.5


    Anyone come up with a workaround for this yet? I’m having the same problem at

    Using v3.3 of estore theme and it’s been working fine. Updated to v3.5 of Simple Paypal Shopping Cart today and now my add to cart buttons are not working and I have the phantom add to cart buttons too.

    My wordpress install seems very slow after the update too. Not sure if it’s related or not though.

    If anyone has v3.4 that would be great.

    Hi guys,

    Any updates on this? Hopefully the developer can help us out here, advise us further or point us in the right direction to secure v3.4 of the plugin.


    Plugin Author mra13


    Hi, you can get the older version of the plugin from this page (look under the “Other Versions” section):

    Basically, in the last version I added a wrapper class around the “Add to cart” button so that users can target the button using CSS and customize the look and feel easily. This is somehow throwing the eStore theme off.

    Can any of you please get in touch with me via this contact form so I can investigate what the eStore theme expects and provide a solution:

    Contact Us

    Hi mra13,

    You’ve effectively resolved our issue – thanks! Yes, v3.3.1 is working for the eStore theme again. And my bad, I was digging around the plugin page when the issue first cropped up but I didn’t know the past versions are located in the developer tab.

    Can any of you please get in touch with me via this contact form so I can investigate what the eStore theme expects and provide a solution:

    Contact Us

    I’ve already submitted my details via your contact form link. Should you require additional info in regard to the eStore theme, you can drop me a note. Thanks.

    I had the same problems as above. I did not upgrade the eStore theme – I only upgraded WP and the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. As soon as I updated to v 3.5 the Add To Cart button for the theme stopped working, and un-styled buttons appeared in other places. I replaced v3.5 with v3.3.1 and the problems went away. Everything works with the older plugin version.

    Thank U very very very much mra13!!!!!!! 2 days on the web to found the pb between e store and the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin!!!! Now it works perfectly with the 3.3.1 version! I can go to sleep! (sorry for my poor english!).

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