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  • It looks technically very good, but:

    Of the two testimonials I clicked on, one went to a non-existent site, the other went to a site that had died a long time ago and had a blank front page, no products, and no cache in Google.

    When I searched for ‘ShopperPress review’ all I found were endless drone sites that gave the appearance of being affiliates on the make (search for ‘ShopperPress Coupon’ and you’ll see why), and when I searched for ‘ShopperPress sucks’ or ‘ShopperPress problems’ there wasn’t much to go on, indicating that it hasn’t been around for too long since all software has weaknesses.

    When I looked for information about who was behind the site – a real life address, a bio – I couldn’t find anything.

    When I went to the forum I couldn’t get to read the posts to see what the common problems were and what support was offered.

    When I read the installation document I couldn’t get any indication of how flexible it was, though all the themes looked pretty ‘samey’.

    It all reminds me of another (unnamed) plugin that was great on the surface but (IMO) turned out to be an inflexible lump of crap that wasn’t going anywhere.

    Any genuine reviews or comments – excuse my cynicism – welcome.

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  • Well, I’m about to take the plunge.
    It looks well made, the developer(s) have answered all my emails within a short period of time and I have to use a new shop plugin because the one I currently use doesn’t work. It’s called “WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin” ( and the devs there too were very helpful, however they have promised to look into my issue and have now been awol for more than a day. My shop is up and it’s either not working or taking people’s money without notifying my client of any purchases.
    Luckily it all goes via paypal, so no money is actually lost and all shipments can be made. But still … I need this fixed and going to shell out a few bucks to get a good product.

    I’ll post back what I find.

    I have it, and wasn’t to impressed with it. I am working on starting a shirt biz and I can’t inventory each size by itself. I don’t want to have to make one item three or more times, just to keep inventory straight. Personally to me, the tutorial videos don’t explain that much to me either. Just my thought. Also, they have a no refund policy if that tells you anything.

    blakfrost … you really should read the instructions or at least watch the videos.
    You can add all kinds of features, have your shirts in different sizes, colors, etc.
    You add them through custom fields 😉

    I decided to stick with WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin because the developer figured out what I f*cked up with my installation (it was a redirection plugin that wreaked havok) and, most importantly, it left me wanting in the shipping cost feature.
    You can have a base rate, you can have per-country and even per-state shipping costs, as well as a weight based markup, but with all that it will still not be able to give you the exact shipping costs that you, as a vendor, will have to pay at the post office.
    You either end up charging too much for some of your clients, or too little for others.
    WPCO ties in to a bunch of different post APIs (canadian post and australian post, for example) and will give me the exact price that this shipment will end up costing.

    But, ShopperPress is beautiful in the back end. I will definately give it a go and figure out how to write a template that suits me. It’s feature rich and the dev(s) is/are super-supportive as well.

    Undeniably beautiful in the back end. If only all shopping carts were like that (hello, ecommercetemplates?)

    But the last thing I want is something that starts giving up the ghost in a couple of years time, just when all my pages are nicely indexed and when I’ve spent hundreds of hours adding products etc. etc.

    Thanks for the feedback. If only there were other honest reviews (for all products, not just ecommerce carts) on the broader internet, instead of endless self-serving affiliates throwing up smoke and mirrors 🙂

    eshop is another great one.

    I use it over on my blog

    Also, the dev is very active on the forums here, and actively responds to my support requests.

    Not sure if you are still looking, just another option.



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    And we’re in the process of beta testing a free theme specifically for use with eShop 🙂

    very cool!



    I use shopper press as i left magento and zen cart for this, yeah you read it right , this is the best software i have used for years. If you want an out the box solution then this is for you, it can be customised very easy as the templates system and any adjustment is as easy as pie. I have been using v 6.0 now for over a month and for $79 i cannot explain how good their product and customer service is (which is free) all emails are responded to within 6 hrs.

    I have only had a couple of minor problems with the software which were related to how i wanted it to look, but with a little php knowledge its a case of editing 2 files the .css and a page template.

    @blakfrost what part didn’t you understand, its all there in the admin, it took me 30 mins to create a csv file with (size, color etc) and 1700 products.You can view these options here :-

    You also get free upgrades for life 🙂

    as for the question about the forum, there are only problems there within the way customers want things to work, which are also helped out by community members.

    by the way i am not afilliated with these guys in any way, i am here to write this as before i bought the software i was in the same predicament as richarduk. All of the sites where reviews for shoppper press were had some connection as they were selling the software.

    So if you are looking for a shopping cart then this is a must buy, why waste time and money on programmers as this software is dummie proof and all for $79.

    This is my site where you can look at what this software can do and be integrated with a forum, latest news, all in a cms package :-




    Couple of questions
    1) What success have you had with Shopperpress getting your site to rank well in the SERPs?
    2) How stable/buggy is it?

    I ask these as I’ve been testing the Shopp ecom plugin and whilst it’s features look great, I’ve had a number of issues getting it to work as it should. I’ve tried to persevere with it cos it allows me to use Thesis as the theme which has always worked really well for me getting the sites into Google quickly and without much initial other SEO work.



    Had very good success, its very stable, try “iphone repairs oxford”

    i have done no seo work yet and am ranking page 1 for “modern warfare 3 competition” and many other



    Gloopy, are you able to manage inventory?

    I am selling apparel.

    Say i have an apparel, Design A, 20 pcs. Of which;

    4 pcs – Small
    10 pcs – Medium
    4 pcs – Large
    2 pcs – X-Large

    What kind of coding do i need to input to ensure that after a customer ordered all 4 pcs of Small, the size Small will not be available anymore on my product page? Right now i can put all 4 sizes up, but i can’t control people from choosing Small and more than 4 pcs right?



    Unfortunately not Gary as this is being worked on i am told, you can manage stock through the product itself ie

    i have 11 screens in stock



    Thanks Gloopy, Mark Fail himself also confirm that with me.. currently it’s not an option..

    But that aside.. shopperpress is a pretty neat platform to use. 🙂



    Whats your site gary, as i love looking at other peoples sites to geive me ideas 🙂



    my site’s

    a small site catering to the Singapore market mainly.

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